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  1. I'm not even sure he'll be a QB at the NFL level. To me, it's more likely he's the next Terrelle Pryor than he is the next Mike Vick.
  2. There's a lot of people ridiculously high on Lamar Jackson... I am not one of them. I will be paying attention to Louisville this upcoming season, though, to see how he does next year.
  3. Unbelievable. I guess the Giants kind of know what they are doing.
  4. You have Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Luke Falk, and Josh Rosen as probable first rounders next year, and all of them are on the Trubisky level of talent or better. And then you have some other QBs that could sneak in the first round like Chase Litton, Nick Fitzgerald, and Riley Ferguson. Sure, a couple of those underclassmen may stay in school, but it's still going to be a fantastic draft for QB-needy teams, especially those drafting near the top of the draft. But even if you aren't drafting up at the top, you still have some guys that hold a lot of intrigue at the position. Personally, I wouldn't shy away from taking another QB next year if the value is there. Remember the 'Skins took RGIII and Cousins in the same draft and that worked out for them. Get some competition for whenever Eli is done in NY, and let the cream rise.
  5. I mean for a pro football player (non-kicker)! Of course, it's a great height for kickers, actors, conquering Europe, people who like being underestimated, slow-dancing with women (head-placement advantage), and riding really fast horses! When you think about it, you have it pretty good, Nas!
  6. He's a RB, though. And he's on the Bears. And he's so little! Will be interesting if he can succeed, guy weighted in at the combine at 179 lbs to go with his 5'6" frame... and get this... all that and 10 1/8" hands! Those are OT hands on a 5'6" shrimp!
  7. This guy is a pretty special human being. I thought he was a third rounder, now I think the Giants have a steal. Enjoy: https://www.theplayerstribune.com/dalvin-tomlinson-alabama-renaissance-man/
  8. Ellison is the blocking TE. Adams can block pretty well, too. They also got a FB in UDFA... that's where you should get fullbacks.
  9. So you'd be ok rolling into the season with Jay Bromley and Robert Thomas as your starter? Tomlinson can play 1-Tech, he can play 3-Tech. He's not just a regular nose. How do you think that LB was a bigger need. We have a need there in 2018, sure, but we have the same linebackers as last year minus Kelvin Sheppard who barely did anything last year. Casillas, Robinson, and Kennard played well last year, and they are still on the team this year, so how was it a need? I'm not arguing that we could use players at those spots, but you're claiming that those positions were bigger needs than DT, the position where we lost our starter to free agency and don't have backups with much upside. By definition, if you lose a starter and have a significant drop off in talent, that's a definite need. At tight end, we just drafted Adams last year, who flashed when given opportunities, and signed Rhett Ellison. So that wasn't a need at all... we definitely could've rolled into the season with those guys. OL is debatable. LT needs to improve, but they signed a RT/RG in Fluker, and Flowers was going to be given every chance to hold on to his spot at LT anyway. But DT... we run a 4-3, Seph. That means we need two good DT's, especially when we play in a division with Ezekiel Elliott.
  10. Seph, DT was the biggest need on this team. We had, ABSOLUTELY HAD, to draft a DT, or else overpay for some other team's cast off in the second round of free agency. The Giants don't have the benefit of hindsight to wait and see if a good DT is going to be available in the 5th round. Caleb Brantley may have Mixon'ed a girl. You can't have that on your team, especially after the Josh Brown thing... that was a circus and there was no real evidence the abuse with Brown was even physically violent. Even the Browns have said they may still cut him. Finally, the Giants just don't get guys with really bad character flags. We aren't the Cowboys. That's why the Cowboys have to live with an early 2nd round pick and his 1 career sack and 14 games played in 2 seasons with zero starts potentially never playing another down in the NFL again. You can't take a chance like Brantley with the biggest need on the team. The Giants aren't going into the season with Jay Bromley as the starting DT. Couldn't happen. Cunningham? I read he had an AWFUL interview and really moved down the Giants board, and Tomlinson had one of the best interviews in years... and the Alabama coaching staff RAVED about him and said he should've gotten a lot more attention than he was getting. Charles Davis said Tomlinson was the best player on the field for Alabama in the National Championship Game against Clemson. Think about that... a defense with Reuben Foster, Jonathan Allen, Tim Williams, Ryan Anderson, Marlon Humphrey, and Eddie Jackson... all drafted players this year. Tomlinson was accepted to Harvard... he's smart, has already overcome tremendous adversity in his life, and a very accomplished and clean football player that plugs a major hole. Despite what you may think, there is no hole at LB THIS YEAR. We have plenty of good linebackers under contract... Casillas, Keenan Robinson, Goodson, and Kennard... and yes, they are good linebackers. We'll have to do something about the position before the 2018 season, but this year we can go to battle with the guys already in the room. We couldn't go to battle with Jay Bromley or Robert Thomas next to Snacks. I'm a fan of Perine and I think he would've been the pick if he made it to us in the 4th... but he didn't, and Gallman is a great fallback option. I'm telling you, he's a real player, NFL ready right now, much like Perine.
  11. I'm happy with Engram but for me in the first I probably would've taken Ramczyk. In the 2nd I was thinking Wormley would be the pick but I'm happy with Tomlinson. In the third Jourdan Lewis and Samaje Perine were really sticking out to me.
  12. He's a good route runner with really good hands. He is slight of frame and not very fast, though. He's a nice back up slot receiver. I don't see him other than a slot guy. Will be a tough competition for him to make the team with the big 3 receivers plus King, Lewis, and Dwayne Harris.
  13. BiC, on early downs, you aren't going to see Shepard over Brandon Marshall, I don't care what kind of season Shep had last year. He's not Brandon Marshall and he isn't going to play outside much, he's a slot. What you will see is Ellison inline, with Engram as the slot (or next to Ellison or the tackle) with Marshall and OBJ out wide and a single back. That's a good formation to run from and a GREAT formation to do play-action.
  14. I think Engram makes them significantly better because he changes what defenses can get away with against the Giants offense. They threw cover 2 at the Giants all year to contain OBJ last year, and they can no longer do that because Engram will hurt them deep and severely. Gallman also strengthens the effectiveness of the run game, which we all knew needed youth and talent. Gallman gives them both. So I think we got a good deal better on offense.
  15. It's all good. I hope he's what the Giants think of him. If the Giants took him in next year's draft, I'm cool with it. I just felt the opportunity cost was a little high with this one. I hope he lights it up for us.
  16. Rudolph has great hands, really good route runner. Doesn't have great speed, and kind of a wiry frame. I like him as a guy who can back up Shepard in the slot. I think he's a good complementary receiver, a possession guy, and he'll make the plays he's supposed to make. He's a good pickup because his strengths will play in the NFL. I wonder if he'll be able to shed bigger press corners.
  17. Gallman was one of the guys I was really hoping for the Giants to get. I think he's going to be a perfect fit in the offense. I've seen a lot of him as well. He has decent size, but runs with the violence of a bigger man. What I love about him is he'll run through you. As a Florida State fan, I can tell you he was frustrating for them to tackle, and that FSU defense was really good the last two years up front. He falls forward when he gets hit, always getting that extra yard or two. When he sniffs the endzone, watch out. A lot of production. Ran the ball over 500 times the last two seasons and was physically up to the task. 5.1 career ypc, over 3400 rushing yards and 34 rushing TDs, and he can catch the ball, too. Just a well-rounded RB. He'll remind some of Ahmad Bradshaw with the power he runs with, although he doesn't have the top-end speed that Bradshaw had when he came out. They gave the comp of Devontae Freeman on NFL Network, that is a good comp for him. He's also one of the best pass-protecting backs in the draft. He's very well-rounded, he'll get plenty of chunk plays, very fluid hips with easy agility and acceleration. He is really a great fit for the Giants and will form a fantastic duo with Perkins in the run game. This is not a role player. He can come in and be a workhorse RB if that's what the Giants need from him, and play all three downs. You can give him the ball 25 times a game and he'll produce, and you can trust him to punch it in down on the goal line. This is an outstanding pick in the 4th, and I love that he's a Giant. Everybody loved Kareem Hunt and I think he's just as good as Hunt. He's a major silver lining because the Giants needed a good RB to complement Perkins and Vereen, and they definitely got him with Gallman. You have Engram, and he's going to really be a mismatch. You get Dalvin Tomlinson to start alongside of Snacks, and that front four is very stout. Dave Te' Thomas said that the Alabama coaches all raved about Tomlinson, moreso even than Allen. With Dalvin Tomlinson, the OL assigned to him better bring a sack lunch and dinner too, because it's going to be a long day. The Giants will get the same effort from him on the first snap as they do with the last snap. He is just relentless and powerful. I'm glad I don't have to block him. Hopefully Avery Moss will give the Giants what they need as a rotational pass rusher. I watched his game against West Virginia and I didn't see a lot that made me think he will be an impact player in the NFL. It is one game, but I'll start with the bad: I don't see much explosion or quickness off the snap. I didn't see speed or bend around the edge, and I didn't see much of a bull rush. I don't think he'll be a help in the run game as a physical presence. But here's what he does well... he uses his hands very well to shed blocks. I didn't see much from him that I think will translate, but we'll see how he develops under the Giants tutelage. Bisnowaty, all I know is what I've read on him, big and strong and slow feet, but it seems some of that was due to playing through injury. A lot of guys think he has LT upside. If he can be a long-term fixture at RT or even at a OG spot I'm happy. I do know he was very highly regarded coming into last season and talked about as being one of the best OL in this draft class prior to the year. It sounds like we also got a lot of competition for OL with the UDFA's, so I'm cautiously optimistic. Dave Te' Thomas loves Bisnowaty and I trust his evaluations. If you get 3 major contributors out of the draft it's a great draft. I think the Giants got at least three with Engram, Tomlinson, and Gallman. So to me, overall, it's going to be fun watching these new players slide in and help the Giants next season.
  18. I think Reese said he will play inline at times. I think Shepard will be pushed off the field at times, and that's not a bad thing. Makes the offense more flexible with different packages. But there will be plenty of snaps with Shep and Engram on the field, so I don't see this as a concern. And yeah, Herc, I really believe he'll go outside and play Marshall's spot if he were to get hurt. I think he profiles really well out there. But they want him to be the seam buster I believe and kill the cover 2.
  19. Avery Moss. I haven't seen anything on him so don't know much, but seems to fit the Giants physical profile for DE.
  20. I really liked him too. Runs with a lot of power, well-balanced RB. He's a guy that has a nose for the endzone when you get down there inside the 5.
  21. Keep an eye on Samson Ebukam. I really like him and he would fit nicely with us.
  22. BTW, Seph, eventually Goodson is going to win you over. He's going to see more time this year. I love this guy, I have zero doubts he's going to be a very good player.
  23. Casillas, K-Rob, Goodson, Kennard... no rookie linebacker is even going to see the field much. These guys played well last year (with the exception of Goodson, who rarely saw snaps).
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