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  1. Rosen is pretty accurate at the short and intermediate level. He isn't all that accurate beyond the 15-20 yard area, Darnold is more accurate in that regard. Darnold is a play-maker that makes something happen from nothing. I rarely see Rosen make something happen when the play design doesn't work or protection breaks down. He doesn't throw on the run very well and he's missed a lot of games to injury. The wind up delivery thing on Darnold is way overblown, as is the footwork. Guy steps in the bucket, usually when he's getting pressure, but he still makes the play. I mean, I can criticize the guy's footwork but if he throws an accurate ball with power (and he has a stronger arm than Rosen), then all that tells me is he's accurate from a variety of platforms. Rosen I am much less confident in in that regard. Have you watched the turnovers? I have...they are not that bad. Guy was playing with an atrocious OL and was facing pressure all the time, taking hits, and yes, he needs to focus on ball security in the pocket...coachable.
  2. What do you guys see in Rosen that makes you think he will be successful at the next level? When I see Rosen I feel like I'm watching the next Ryan Tannehill or Elvis Grbac. Maybe the next Brad Johnson or Chris Chandler. I don't see anything special. Seriously I think he's the next Jon Kitna.
  3. Throwing my .02...here should be the Giants draft board when discussing the first round: 1. Sam Darnold 2. Saquon Barkley I will say this, however...Josh Allen is very tempting. I want to see how he performs at the combine and drills, and I wish I could see how he handles the interviewing process. I think Sam Darnold has a floor of a Matt Stafford and a ceiling of Brett Favre (maybe Roethlisberger, or whoever you think is better). But Josh Allen has a floor of Jake Locker but a ceiling of John Frickin' Elway. I am completely infatuated with the arm of Josh Allen, and those that believe he can't throw with touch are 100% incorrect). If you designed the perfect QB in a lab, as a physical specimen, then you'd produce Josh Allen. The only thing that can prevent Josh Allen from being a superb NFL QB is Josh Allen. If he commits to getting better every day, and his mental acuity for the game is good, his ceiling is through the roof. The only problem is it's so hard to evaluate him as a QB coming out of Wyoming and on a really bad offense. He was virtually the only competitive player on that offense most weeks, and to top it off he's playing half his games in Wyoming in the fall and winter. You can't have worse conditions to evaluate talent than in Wyoming with a bad team around you. Because of the bust potential, right now I'd have Allen below the other two. I think Darnold is a pretty sure bet to be a franchise QB and a good NFL QB. Barkley is a lock to be a generational talent at RB. Barkley may be the surest thing to come out of the draft since...I don't know...maybe Von Miller in 2011. He is in the LaDainian Tomlinson, Barry Sanders, Marshall Faulk tier of RBs. If you can imagine an offense with Barkley and OBJ...and then you can imagine what Engram and Shepard could do as well...it would be an embarrassment of riches offensively and I really think the Giants can turn it around quickly with Barkley. Get him and we'll score more than 30 points again.
  4. Dragon, I don't mean to offend, but a per police interaction basis accounts for different population percentages. More white people would mean more interactions if all things were equal, but THE RATE at which people on a per interaction basis are shot by cops adjusts for racial percentage differences, and yet white people are still shot more often. If there was systemic racism in policing, that would not be the case. But that's because there isn't systemic racism in policing. It doesn't even pass logical thinking...why would there be? Police forces across the country are very diverse.
  5. More white people have are shot on a per police interaction basis than black people. I myself got a ticket in which the officer refused to accept it wasn't me. It doesn't necessarily mean it's racially motivated. I did what you are supposed to do, took it to court, didn't even hire a lawyer, and got the ticket dismissed. I know several cops, they are normal people. Most don't ever discharge their service weapon. Most want to help people and take care of their families, go home after work and watch the game like the rest of us. There is no epidemic as is what is being claimed, it's just nonsense. People need to stop looking at each other in terms of racial identity. We are all people. The problem with the world is based on whatever race, sexual orientation, or fill in the blank that the perceived victim is, the worst is assumed in terms of motive on the perceived "perpetrator", many times, an officer. And then there is the fact that a lot of people selectively edit their story when the tell people the facts of what happened, and people's confirmation bias just takes over from there. Which is why everyone went ballistic over hands up, don't shoot, when in reality...never happened. There are instances of racism, not debatable. There are horrible people who are horrible to others. When every instance of every bad thing is national news in a country of 400 million people, splattered all over every blog, Yahoo, or HuffPo article, it gives the impression the problem is a lot worse than it really is. It's unrealistic to think that racism, or whatever other bad thing you can think of, sexual assault, murder, anything...fill in the blank, will be completely eradicated in our world. There will always be those out there that can't play nice with others, just like there's always going to be someone out there that claims the aliens visit them at night. It doesn't mean our worldview has to be that we are being invaded by aliens. When I look around, and I see people claim all this victim-hood, I look at the people I know, the people I grew up with, that look like them, and wonder why they aren't victims too. Are they just lucky? Or did they just make different choices? I honestly feel bad for the victims of racism. By the way, most people I think are or will be victims of racism in their lifetime. And I'm talking about people of every color. I personally have, on more than one occasion. But I chalk it up to, "their problem, not mine," and move on with my life.
  6. I'm hoping Morris but I don't know. If I knew, I would say so, but I wouldn't pretend to know, and lie about it, because I don't lie and am not a liar. I don't think anyone outside of the Cowboys' organization really knows.
  7. Ok then. If that's what you need to tell yourself.
  8. It has, yet so many have overcome that even by the 80's, yet here we are nearly 40 years later.
  9. Sure have...mostly successful ones that grabbed opportunity and ran with it. Funny how that works.
  10. Ok, well you guys can continue to be wrong and that's fine, your choice. Personally I don't like it when smoke is constantly blown up my ass but whatever. It's awesome talking to black MEN who choose not to, though, and see the race baiting victims as what they are...either pussies who won't take control over their own life or those being manipulated by people who want to keep them thinking one way, like they are still on the plantation.
  11. Racial inequality exists in self-inflicted instances. The whole hands-up, don't shoot narrative was built on a lie.
  12. I know this because I can read, research, and critically think.
  13. I think it's highly offensive to assume someone's race because of an opinion, and to immediately say I'm disillusioned. But when I say I've personally had conversations with black men who think that there is not an actual crisis of injustice here...that's also not a valid argument for some reason.
  14. It has happened in history. It is not a modern day issue, those who think it is are being manipulated by liars and bottomfeeders.
  15. Let me break it down...there is no conclusive evidence of racial inequality in our policing, it's all manipulative bullshit for the weak-minded to keep you voting Democrat and to control you. Man up and stop crying victim.
  16. I didn't think that many of you were giant pussies.
  17. Yes I know, white people can't have objective opinions or observational skills. I've talked to plenty of black MEN who think your argument is horseshit.
  18. What inequality are we talking about? We're in America...you can choose to be better than equal if you want here. Try travelling. Ever been to a third world country? There is no inequality accept the inequality that people make for themselves here.
  19. He's really going to take that offense to a new level. One guy that isn't going to happy with this move is Blount...who I would think is either going to be shelved, even possibly cut.
  20. Ajayi runs incredibly hard. He has to be ecstatic to get out of Miami.
  21. Oh wow. Is Damien Williams the guy that's going to tote it for the Eagles now?
  22. Nothing matters until McAdoo is gone. His offense is garbage and a joke. They need to get back to running the football. That doesn't necessarily mean we need Barkley. But we do need a hammer who has some speed. A guy who is going to be a devastating RB in the NFL who may come out in the 2018 draft is Bo Scarbrough of Alabama. Don't necessarily need to use a first rounder to get him, either, but he's going to be a real good one.
  23. Kaep: It's not collusion, it's not that he's not good enough, it's not the headache, either. It's the bottom line. It's all about the money. And any team that signs Kaepernick will take a large financial hit because he's such a divisive figure in the American consciousness that many people will not watch, will not attend games, will not buy merchandise, and so on. He is terrible for business. That's why he's not signed. It has everything to do with the business aspect of football, not the on-field product. Of course he's good enough to be a back-up QB in the league. But he's already lost the NFL millions, and any team that signs him, they will get financially crushed. As for Elliott, this was entirely expected. Only question now is if he can get another appeal.
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