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  1. Lol speed rushers are what Bolles is best against. Has the best feet of any OL in this draft. Watch his game against Takk McKinley. He dominated him, and McKinley, an NFL ready speed rusher, couldn't get the edge on Bolles. Bolles is not a developmental guy. He's not going to be All-Pro as a rookie but he'll be pretty good early.
  2. Trade him for what? This is a great deal. JPP will be in the HOF one day. This is setting up a new sustained era of the Big Blue Wrecking Crew.
  3. It would be nice but I doubt they pay him if he wants somewhere near the highest paid OG money. Dion Dawkins in the third round.
  4. Flowers has the physical ability to be dominant. I'm thinking there may be some issues with him in terms of work ethic or coachability. I think this year will answer those questions. If he doesn't take a step forward this year, I'm not sure he will reach his potential ever.
  5. I'm thinking they did this because they need a guy for when Pugh signs elsewhere after this season and obv Fluker will be one and done with the Giants as well. At least they'll have one OG under contract.
  6. Per PFF, McCaffrey averaged 3.30 yards after contact per attempt. Cook was at 4.19 (that's elite). Cook is a more powerful runner, he runs through guys. I have not seen this from McCaffrey. McCaffrey is a better receiver than Cook, although I wouldn't call Cook's receiving a liability at all, on the contrary, Cook is a good receiver, but does have concentration drops at times. Cook does have fumbling issues. I believe will be corrected with proper coaching. Cook is a homerun waiting to happen; 40 TDs in the last 2 seasons (38 rushing), has a nose for the end zone down close. McCaffrey 21 TDs in the last 2 seasons on the ground, 8 more through the air. During that span touches and scrimmage yards for McCaffrey: 672 (590 rushing, 82 receptions) for 4,577 yards (3622 rushing, 955 receiving) in 25 games. For Dalvin Cook: 574 (517 rushing, 57 receptions) for 4030 yards (3456 rushing, 574 receiving) in 25 games. Cook generated 9 more touchdowns in 98 fewer touches, most of them running the football. Cook 7.02 yards per touch, McCaffrey 6.8 yards per touch last two seasons. Last year McCaffrey 26.36 touches per game, Cook 24.69 touches per game. Cook turned that into 2,253 yards and 20 TDs in 13 games. McCaffrey 1913 yards and 16 TDs in 11 games. It's almost identical production on a per game basis. But another thing to consider is Cook played a considerably tougher schedule and put a hurting on some of the best college defenses in the nation. Cook running for 19 touchdowns on the ground each of the last 2 seasons against some pretty stiff competition, to me is pretty impressive. Cook is a more productive player, a more powerful player, a faster and quicker player, especially in pads, and a better pass protector. McCaffrey is a more finesse player, and a better receiver. I also believe Cook has better vision as a runner than McCaffrey. I am not down on McCaffrey the player. I think he will be a great weapon in the NFL. I see him as a versatile player, sort of like a young Matt Forte at the next level. I don't know if he's going to be the good run between the tackles guy, but he can be a guy who can get 15-20 touches per game, probably best used with another RB to serve as the hammer in the offense. I just don't think he fits what the Giants need at RB right now. Cook does (minus the fumbles). Cook reminds me of a young Lesean McCoy, except he's a better pass protector than McCoy was when he came into the NFL. Regardless, I'd much rather the Giants get a RB in later rounds. I like Joe Williams of Utah late, De'Angelo Henderson in the 6th round (hopefully, probably need to get him in the 5th), or even Kamara in the 2nd, Marlon Mack in the 4th is another really good option, or Jeremy McNichols. There are a lot of good choices that would make more sense to get later than investing a first rounder at the position. I'm really surprised you don't see Cook as a first rounder, CD. You have to factor in the types of games he was having... he was doing it against Clemson, Michigan, Miami, Florida... these were some of the best defenses in college football last year. Here's his UNC game (I think it's better to watch full game reps than highlight videos):
  7. He's athletic, hands are on the smaller side... max effort player... sometimes the blocking is more effort than technique, but you can tell he loves it. There are a lot of good TEs in this draft, Kittle is probably going to be around in round 6. Not a knock on him, just that there are so many really good ones. Hoping the Giants come away with OJ Howard, Bucky Hodges, or Jordan Leggett.
  8. I think with Marshall in the fold, Ramczyck (if shoulder checks out), or Garrett Bolles are in play at 23. Some people think Bolles isn't worth that high of a pick. I am not one of those people. My short list is Ramczyck, Bolles, and OJ Howard in the first round. Dark horse is Forrest Lamp (who is 100% a guard in the NFL, not a tackle). So OL help could be on the way.
  9. Plus kind of weird to ding Cook on his shoulder injury when he showed up and played like a boss against Michigan in their bowl game, when McCaffrey dipped out on his teammates to get ready for the combine and the draft.
  10. The great thing about Marshall is he can make plays without a lot of separation. He's one of the best in the NFL at contested catches and making plays in tight coverage, imo.
  11. Cook will have a far better career at RB than McCaffrey. Don't overweight combine results. You can look at 40 times or just put on the game tape of him running away from everyone over and over again. 8.9 yards per carry for 169 yards and 4 TD's rushing against Clemson. 145 yards for 7.3 ypc and a score against Michigan. He's been awesome against a high level of competition for so long, 38 rushing TDs just in the last 2 seasons. He can run, catch, and block... and there is really not much to the off field stuff. On McCaffrey, I agree with BiC, I kind of believe McCaffrey should be a slot receiver. I hope his so-so combine has him drop to 23. He is a perennial pro-bowl player. Don't get me wrong, I'm an FSU homer, and I really prefer the Giants get a RB in later rounds and get players at positions where talent is more scarce in the 1st and 2nd round, but Dalvin Cook is the real deal. Vs Michigan (Go to 5:40 and tell me you're worried about his timed speed): Look at him take the edge against Clemson, 6:58, and then again at 8:27, and then again at 9:24... trust me, you will want to watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlXpNE7dsgU You can look at game after game and see him back big plays where he just explodes in the open field. I'll take that over 40 times in underwear every day of the week.
  12. Giants had interest in him last year, yes. There is talk he is on the decline, though.
  13. Fringe... you finally get to see your guy in blue. When he was a free agent after his stint with the Broncos, I was adamantly against Marshall to the Giants. But he has really changed his attitude, gotten the help he needed, and I greatly respect him now. I am a little concerned because he does have some diva, but I think that OBJ is his own man, and Shep has a great head on his shoulders, so I'm less concerned at this point about that rubbing off the wrong way on them than I would have in the past. From a football perspective, Marshall is beyond a perfect fit here. He meets the big receiver need in spades, and with a proven track record. I am not concerned that he had a down year... he played hurt often, sometimes significantly so, and that offense under Fitzpatrick, Bryce Petty, and Geno Smith, all who made starts, was completely dysfunctional. Still, at times, Marshall showed that he was still a matchup nightmare. He can still do things like this: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap3000000734466/Brandon-Marshall-catches-bullet-pass-with-one-hand And this, on a pretty good corner in Ronald Darby: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap3000000703377/Fitzpatrick-finds-Brandon-Marshall-deep-for-32-yards He is the kind of complement to OBJ and Shepherd inside, as well as red zone threat, that I have been longing for. Because Cruz was so miscast last year, it put a lot of pressure on OBJ, and the defense could really shade to his side with extra defenders. They may still try and do that, but if so, they will do so at their own peril, because Marshall can and will hurt them. This really helps OBJ and Shep (and Eli). I don't think this signing precludes drafting a young receiver in the Brandon Marshall mold, either, (as he is 32 years old on only a 2 year deal) although it lessens the chance that an early pick will be used on one significantly, I believe. Intriguing players that might fit this type are Malachi Dupre of LSU, Jalen Robinette of Air Force Academy, Jamari Staples of Louisville, Fred Ross of Mississippi State, Bug Howard of UNC, Josh Reynolds of Texas A&M, Josh Malone of Tennessee, and Kenneth Golladay of University of Northern Illinois. Now the Giants need to get some cap relief, because the work is not done... need to get the multi-year deal done on JPP, re-sign Keenan Robinson, and have room for their draft picks, as well as address in some way the DT position next to Harrison (Hankins is likely gone... Calais Cambell?, and hopefully some OL help). Phenomenal start to free agency for the Giants, I felt that a legitimate boundary receiver was the Giants greatest need, and they filled it with a legitimate playmaker.
  14. Jerrod Evans us terrible. We seem to always see things so different with the draft every year. Webb is certainly not a finished product and will need to be an understudy, but he's light years ahead of Evans, who will never be an NFL QB. He's simply not an NFL passer. Webb has tools and ability to get there as an NFL starter, one day.
  15. De'Angelo Henderson really raised his stock. I see Maurice Jones-Drew comparisons, except DH I think is faster. He looked like a piece of chiseled granite and ran exceptionally well. Was on the round 7 - UDFA radar pre-combine, now expect him to be drafted anywhere between rounds 4-6. Very impressed.
  16. All of my buy-ins totaled about $90... I won $100. So... it could've been a lot better. But I'm really set up for success in the keeper leagues. Have Elliott in one league, and have two 1st rounders and 2nds in the other keeper league. Next year should be a good one.
  17. Also if you recall the kid was like two years old receiving these beatings. I don't care how you were raised, anyone with any sense of morals or common decency as a freaking human being knows you don't whip 2 year olds regardless of the behavior of the child.
  18. This. Also for that reason I'd be on board for Whitworth, he's still playing at a high level.
  19. He said, "What adversity you been through?" to a cancer survivor.
  20. I think they need to move Flowers, get a LT and that's it. I think Hart could be good inside at RG, who knows. It doesn't make sense to me to try and solve LT with a rookie. Will Eli trust a rookie to protect his blindside out of the gate? Hart or Flowers at RG. The other at RT, and address LT with a proven vet in either free agency or trade. They need to win now. I think Richburg will be just fine. Maybe draft a OG in the 3rd, or RT in the 2nd for competition and the future only. But trusting the draft to fix this line is a mistake. If we had a young building team, sure. But we have a QB and defense ready to win. Time to get some good pieces here to complete the puzzle. Get a power RB and a legit WR to complement Odell on the right side. I think those you can go to the draft for. Get a nasty DT to replace Hankins. I'd prefer they keep him but if it's between Hankins or a top LT, give me the latter, and get a talented rookie to rush next to Snacks.
  21. You're just saying that to get my goat, Rik. Bobby Rainey is the new Ike Hilliard.
  22. First, I'm glad I'm posting this AFTER JMFP posted his above post about the toolbags. Second, when you have a choice between an elite playmaker and an elite guard, you take the elite playmaker every time. That is, unless you are already loaded with playmakers.
  23. The sequence of the hail mary, the Rainey kickoff blunder, and the Perkins play where he watched a live ball at his feet with no whistle... Not to mention the drops, had me swearing the Giants like I never have before.
  24. *** in college. Note, I did not see LT play in college.
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