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  1. You never know how expensive it would've been. Giants were in a good spot at 23 with what happened in front of them. I'm a Howard fan but you have to give something to move up and I'm good with them holding on to their picks... they will pay dividends tomorrow and over the weekend.
  2. I'm not upset because I liked Corey Davis a lot. Take away the position. Think of Engram as a WR. Put him across from OBJ in a couple of years, with Shep in the slot, fuck... I have wood. Look, I'm not an Engram guy. I thought the Giants needed OL help more than anything. If you said that Ramczyk, Robinson, and Lamp were all on the board at #23, I would take Ramczyk. Howeva, it is NOT lost on me that Engram is a matchup nightmare. He is going to take a lot of pressure off of OBJ. This does have true, scary impact potential. Size-speed measurables are off-the-charts good, very close to the best in the draft. Hard to criticize the pick even though I was leaning in a very different direction.
  3. Hey guys, we are on a wait list for tix for the Giants v Tampa this year. We will have a 20+ group, overwhelmingly Giants fans, coming to the game. We were told we were not guaranteed tix. We are definitely TRYING to go to the game this year, and I think it will happen. If any of you are thinking of making it a trip, let me know. You will not be disappointed, I know the spots you need to visit, it will be a fantastic visit.
  4. My mock (but I rushed it and probably screwed it up by skipping over a stud that should be in the first that now isn't): 1. Browns Myles Garrett 2. 49ers Marshon Lattimore 3. Bears Jonathan Allen 4. Jaguars Leonard Fournette 5. Titans *Browns - Mitch Trubisky 6. Jets Solomon Thomas 7. Chargers Jamal Adams 8. Panthers Leonard Fournette 9. Bengals Derek Barnett 10. Bills Malik Hooker 11. Saints Haason Reddick 12. Browns *Titans - Malik Hooker 13. Cardinals O.J. Howard 14. Eagles Christian McCaffrey 15. Colts Kevin King 16. Ravens Reuben Foster 17. Redskins Quincy Wilson 18. Titans Corey Davis 19. Bucs Dalvin Cook 20. Broncos Ryan Ramczyk 21. Lions Marlon Humphrey 22. Dolphins T.J. Watt 23. Giants Garrett Bolles 24. Raiders Cam Robinson 25. Texans DeShaun Watson 26. Seahawks Forrest Lamp 27. Chiefs Mike Williams 28. Cowboys J. Davis 29. Packers Taco Charlton 30. Steelers A. Jackson 31. Falcons Tre White 32. Saints Jordan Willis
  5. I'm kind of throwing mine together at the last minute
  6. He'll at least finish out this contract, and I think he may even play longer. It's possible that might even be with another team. That would be crazy, and weird, and it would be tough to watch, but it's within the realm of possibility.
  7. Bolles has the best feet in the draft. He scored a 9 on the Wonderlic. That's not good. I believe he's the most NFL-ready pass-protector from the OT position in the draft. When he pulls right he delivers a big pop in the whole. He plays with a lot of effort and nastiness. He does start to lean and get off balance at times. But what he doesn't do is let guys get past him with speed. That's the big plus with him, and it's a huge one. The Giants don't have a guy like him with that kind of feet. He measured at the combine at 297 lbs. The size thing is not a concern, nor is the age thing. For me, it's will he clean up some of the technique issues... cause if he does, he'll be a top-tier left tackle in the NFL. And to be clear, he really does have that kind of upside, and it's a very real upside. However, I think Ramczyk is a more complete tackle right now with the higher floor. The hip thing is not that big of a deal, and don't let anyone fool you otherwise. He'll be better off with better health long-term and movement ability BECAUSE he had the surgery. Ramczyk plays with better balance and better anchor. Personally, I think Ramczyk is a bit safer, and I still think he can be a very good LT. He's my preference. I would not be upset if Bolles was the pick however, because I think he can play early and I think he has a big ceiling. As far as Cam Robinson, I think he is NFL-ready right now to play somewhere on the line. I think he can play left tackle, but may struggle a bit there early. He doesn't have what I would term slow feet. His feet are decent. Really strong though, very long arms, huge hands. Robinson would definitely help this team. The only concern I have with him is the incident with the gun. He had a stolen gun under his seat, some marijuana, and another gun in his lap when pulled over. That has to concern you on a couple of levels. You take that away, and he's easily the best of the three, and probably is the pick at 23 (and still could be).
  8. It's all good Pdub! Maybe next year. Hope you will get to tune in tonight for the Giants pick.
  9. Pdub usually does well on these, think he won the year before... and you are our defending champ, UK. I know Dragon loves the draft, looking for Nas to do one. Gmenroc usually does... and Tree. Hopefully they will submit one today. I'm still working on mine, myself.
  10. I'd be shocked if King isn't already well above Adoree' Jackson. I get that Jackson is a dangerous returner and has some ability with the ball in his hands, but I don't think you pass on one of the top 3 corners for Jackson because of punt return ability. King will likely be drafted 15 spots or more higher than Jackson, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was around 25-30 spots.
  11. I see that, and I don't disagree with those skills, but also he's best when the play is in front of him. If I'm the Giants and I have plans for him to play the WIL spot, I want to make sure he can flip hips and run and not be a liability in coverage. I'm not saying he can't do that, because I have seen him make plays in coverage... but I'm just not sure based on what I've seen. If the Giants feel he can do it well, then yes please. I think Goodson and Davis would be a great pair of linebackers in the future on this defense.
  12. Why do you think he'd be a WILL? I think he could probably play it, but I also think his best position is MLB. If he could play the WILL at a high level, then I'd be on board.
  13. Come on guys, send some mocks in! Pdub, Tree, Gmenroc, UkGiants, Dragon... ready when you are.
  14. I like Dalvin... as you know, I like you, am a big FSU fan. But I've been pretty consistent that the Giants should wait until later in the draft for a RB. The talent pool is much more shallow for other positions, although I will not be upset if he's the pick. I just hope he can stay out of trouble in NY.
  15. You can make a strong argument for them to take Garrett #1, and then come back at #12 and take a corner like Lattimore, Conley, or King... perhaps one of the top two safeties if they are there (Adams likely not). Then you still have enough ammunition to jump back into the first round and grab Mahomes possibly. They can seriously pull 2 defensive studs out of this draft AND get their QB if they are willing to trade both 2nd round picks, their 3rd rounder, and perhaps a 2nd rounder in 2017... that would probably be enough to get back into the middle of the first round. That would give the team trading out of the first THREE 2nd rounders, TWO 3rd rounders, and TWO 2017 2nd rounders. And yes, I think it would cost that much... but if you can get high enough to get Trubisky, it's definitely worth it. Otherwise, just stock up your team and wait for next year's QB class, which everyone knows is loaded.
  16. I'm down with it. Blount had 18 TDs last year running the football, and over 1100 yards. While the near-career low 3.9 ypc is a bit concerning, he carried the ball 299 times last year. I watched him destroy teams' will last year. He is the physical presence the Giants need and a natural fit for this team. I think they can bring him in and still add a RB in the draft, too. You get Perkins, Vereen, Blount, and then add a guy like Hill from Wyoming, Kareem Hunt from Toledo, Gallman of Clemson, or McNichols of Boise State, and you have a very good backfield with a mix of youth and veterans and a diverse skillset. I actually have been wanting Blount to NYG for awhile now. I think he's a perfect fit for what the Giants need.
  17. For me, 17 INTs last year... I don't know how you put him above Trubisky. I believe I read his velocity on the football was clocked at 49 mph, which is very low. Almost all NFL QBs are in the 50's. Mahomes was 60 mph. Trubisky 55, Webb 59. Watson was really the worst of them all. I like Watson. He's a winner, he's athletic, he's a leader, a great person from all accounts. But I'm not convinced of his accuracy, the turnovers, and the velo... you put that all together and I don't see him as a first round QB. I hope someone takes him in the first round, especially prior to 23. But I would certainly take Trubisky AND Mahomes prior to him.
  18. There is no player that I would want the Giants to trade up for. Too cost-prohibitive. I would love for the Giants to move back with to Chiefs or Texans spots and get an extra pick. That said, if by some miracle Howard fell to the Giants, I think he's a fantastic fit and would be a great Giant for a long time. But there is almost literally NO chance of that happening. I guess the guy I want the most that has some kind of realistic chance of being available to the Giants is Ryan Ramczyk. The health flag doesn't bother me too much. Good OL is scarce, and I think he can be a long-term fit at LT, and if Flowers gets it together this year, he can also solve RT. As for Cam Robinson the player...I like a LOT. He really impressed me against Garrett. He can anchor against anyone, and although I'm still not sure he has LT feet, I'm leaning that way. But the incident with the stolen gun... that is a major flag for me. The DA released this statement on why he didn't seek to prosecute, no, this isn't the Onion: "I want to emphasize once again that the main reason I'm doing this is that I refuse to ruin the lives of two young men who have spent their adolescence and their teenage years, working and sweating, while we were all home in the air conditioning," Jones told KNOE. Full link: http://www.al.com/alabamafootball/index.ssf/2016/06/prosecution_declined_on_all_ch.html To sum up, car pulled over, had a gun IN HIS LAP, and a STOLEN gun under his seat. In addition, had marijuana. I get it, marijuana is no big deal. But as long as the NFL continues to suspend guys for toking, it's a big deal. Cam Robinson the player? I think he's the best OL in this class. I think he can play anywhere on the line. So if he's the pick, I'll feel ok about it, because I know the Giants will have looked into him extensively and they will have to feel ok about him. A stolen firearm is a tough one to explain, though. I wouldn't mind Chris Wormley at 23. I know for many that would seem like a reach. But he's smart, he has a high floor, and you are going to get a good DT that can start early for the Giants and at a position that is the biggest current need on the team. Kevin King is a guy I am really getting excited about. His length with his speed is rare. He does the things that the Giants request of their corners outside. We need a 4th CB that can play at a high level. A part of me doesn't want another CB in the first because we just did that last year, but another part of me says that top CB play is so important to defenses right now, that it wouldn't be bad. And you MIGHT be able to stick him at FS while the big 3 are healthy. I think he could do it and play that position at an extremely high level, although I acknowledge it would be tough to stick a rookie corner there and then ask him to transition back to corner if one of the big 3 gets hurt. In the same way, I'd be happy with Conley. I think Conley is going to be a superstar, shut-down CB. He's the whole package if you ask me... could lead the NFL in interceptions and do it early on. It also would be kind of cool to re-unite Conley and Apple. And I was a Corey Davis guy early and I'm a Corey Davis guy still. I think he has the all-around game at WR that I want to come in, be a hedge early against injury, an be an heir apparent to Brandon Marshall. When Marshall leaves this team, having OBJ, Davis, and Shepard will be special. But I don't think he'll be the pick, and I think he'll be drafted prior to 23 anyway. I was on to Bolles... tremendous feet. LT feet all day. And I still want to be high on him. But a NINE on the Wonderlic... damn. Is he a dum-dum? If he's a dum-dum I just don't think you can invest a first rounder on him. For BB25, as far as Jarrad Davis goes, and I know the Giants don't take linebackers in the first, but this year, if he's there at 23, you have to consider it. I don't know how I feel about it because we already have a MLB in Goodson I'm very high on, and believe that he is our MIKE of the future. But Davis is instinctive (football instincts are A+++), competitive, tough, and has the speed to go sideline to sideline. He would be great on our team with the way he can shoot the gaps and cause problems in the backfield. He is as safe a pick at linebacker as I've seen in a while. If you put him in last year's class, the only guy I'd have ahead of him is Myles Jack (injury to Jack notwithstanding). But I think both he and Goodson are MLB's only, and so if we were to go MLB I'd want a guy that I'd feel comfortable with coming in and starting at the WIL if I'm drafting him in the first round. If you asked me what is the one player that I don't want to see go to the Cowboys, however, it's Davis. I really, really hope he's taken prior to pick #28. If you're BPA at 23, and Davis is there, he has to be in the discussion, because he's really, really good. Wouldn't be upset if it's Njoku although I wonder if he's just a great athlete and not a great football player. So anyway, I guess it's Ramczyk for me.
  19. So you're projecting a trade between Jets and Browns? Can I get you to weigh in on which scoring system? Old or new?
  20. Draft time again (awesome). I'll upload your drafts and link the spreadsheet again for all participants. This year, I would like you to pick the scoring system. Here is the suggested scoring change: Would you like to get 1 point for being 1 position away from the correct pick # for the player you mocked? If so, then only 1 point would be given for each player correctly mocked in the first round, (instead of the current 2) and an additional point for being 1 pick position off of actual. Please pick between A & B. A. - This is how it has been scored in previous years. 3 points for getting the pick at the correct spot in the draft order 3 points for getting the pick to the actual team that drafted him 2 points each for players correctly mocked in the first round B. - Suggested scoring system change. 3 points for getting the pick at the correct spot in the draft order 3 points for getting the pick to the actual team that drafted him 1 point for players correctly mocked in the first round 1 point for mocking a player within 1 spot of where they are actually drafted I will abstain from voting. Please post your official mocks here even if posted in other threads, and I will host them in the spreadsheet. Same link as last year, I will simply add to it. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wILIWK8vLH0X1JwMPwKRulhBnvdY0QojX8gqRD7QM40/edit?usp=sharing
  21. Jermaine Eleumenor... is on the 6th or 7th round radar. Wow... I really like Dawkins. Hodges would be ok... in the 4th round if he's there, maybe 3rd, but 2nd? I think that's where we go DT if not in the first. If he is there, Demarcus Walker at 55 would be amazing. 3rd round... Perine? Jourdan Lewis? Dalvin Tomlinson would be a good get for us. Less than a week away!
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