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  1. I was skeptical as hell of ODB, not because I thought hed be a bust, but ya gotta wonder about a guy who pulls a hammy and then never seems like its gonna heal. lol He and Williams got me pupmed....theyre gonna shine.
  2. I didnt hear that. all I heard was he was scheduled to come in, but never did.
  3. I saw this shortly after I heard Macadoo was gonna interview. MacaDoo never even visited! lol....smh
  4. As soon as I saw the article didnt start with, "Because i was still the OC".......I knew it was bogus.
  5. Ike Hilliard is an EXTREMELY nice man. Sorry Nem.
  6. I did too, coulda swore we had a stud RB for the future. But even when he ran healthy, I didint like his tap dancing and side to side running.I dont know what to make of this kid.
  7. True. I worry bout that too. Macadoo, don't know lots about him, but GBs offense is good. And they haven't take had a run game
  8. Refreshing to hear someone else say that. Thought i was the only one.
  9. He's the packers QB coach, heard he's being considered by the Giants. Anyone think he's a better option than Sullivan?
  10. Congrats man! Glad to hear things are goin good for you. Hopefully she looks like the wife! Jk
  11. Kiwi is one of my favorite most versatile players, but he's losing gas. I was a little surprised at Beason staying, but Im glad he did. Guy was a beast!
  12. True, we don't want him to be another Osi, one dimensional. Still.....he couldn't have gotten a FEW more reps?
  13. I agree with golfin...why the hell didn't Moore play more?
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