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  1. Eli was great on this too. “I thought he did great,” Manning said, via CBS Sports. “I told him what to say. He didn’t listen to me, though. He took the high road.” LOL
  2. no he is making less and only about 35 of the 62 is guaranteed
  3. Part of it is coach sending a message to the whole unit. Couple this with dumping Smith after is horrible outing in Dallas seems to have been the right move. We are still very much a work in progress but a lot of positives yesterday.
  4. Man I want your optometrist!!! This is just not going to happen which is why average players like Solder get paid so well when they are available. The guys we have are just going to have to continue to work hard and learn to play together / in synch with more regularity.
  5. Granted it is only pre - season but after 3 weeks who do you think has performed the worst: Jonathan Stewart -- 10 carries / -5 yards / 1 fumble lost Alec Ogletree -- Hell bent on continuing our recent trend of getting torched by TEs Patrick Omameh -- Can't pronounce the last name but suspect it rhymes with "0 Lay" (sp? couldn't make the accent e ) thoughts??
  6. Personally I liked Chubb more than Barkley at #2. Partly based on position. Apparently the Giants had the same pre-draft grade on both dudes. I also liked James Daniels in the 2nd. I think he went 2 or 3 picks after us. Hernandez seems solid however. We will see what happens but I would be surprised to see this team win more than 5 or 6 games this year.
  7. The Bills now have both the 21st and the 22nd picks in the first round. There was some speculation that they would offer both + Cordy Glenn for the giants #2. I would think they might have to give a litte more to get it done. Who knows, maybe the Browns will go Barkley at 1 and then offer the Giants the moon to move from 4 to 2. That could work out really well for us for a number of reasons.
  8. Our offensive line was dreadful and we were 29th in sacks. If they do anything other than trade back for extra picks I will be upset.
  9. I am very worried that I am not worried enough!! If the O-Line can just be average the Giants should win a lot of games this year. Still have to do it.
  10. I think Lacosse has the edge over Tie based on blocking. What this probably comes down to is Lacosse or Smith. Doubt they will go 4 TE and a FB. We'll know soon enough
  11. Goodson has definitely looked the part in the first 2 pre season games. the sack in the Browns game in particular was a thing of beauty.
  12. I thought Flowers held his own against the Browns. The sack on Smith at the end of the half was on Smith IMHO. You can't hold the ball that long, especially in the 2 minute drill. What concerned me the most during the Browns game was the inability of Pugh or Richburg to get any push at all in the run game. Those guys are supposed to be the strong point of the OL and they played like shit.
  13. It is interesting to note that DRC has been taking practice reps and some pre-season snaps lined up as Free Safety. If they think they can get away with using him in that roll ( great ball hawking skills offset by less physicality and mediocre tackling ) they may be able to keep an extra CB with the knowledge that DRC can move over if they have an injury issue at Free safety
  14. The purpose of the PSLs is to limit the number of individuals that have season tickets which is good for business even if it does suck for fans. Take me for instance, I have a decent seat in the lower level, almost never miss a home game and other than tickets and parking bought 2 or 3 bottles of water all year. think I'm what they are looking for? Hell no. Far better to have a company own the seats and use the for entertaining clients or rewarding employees. Guy goes to 1 game every 3 or 4 years with his kid is going to drop hundreds on food and apparel and shit.
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