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  1. You're the only one that noticed... This has become the norm.
  2. Good one Nas... Judge reminds me of Jerone.
  3. Just a reminder.... If it was for the Cowboys shitting the bed on a few drives. They would have scored 50 on us.
  4. You think those are franchise QB? Neal is the best OL hands down. But Thibodeaux is the best player in the entire draft. Hopefully we can draft both
  5. There are no QB worth taking in the first rd.
  6. The problem is the OLine. Its horrible at best. Though, I must admit... they played great against the Saints. Jason Garrett playbook is probably cut in half because of the OLine. I'm telling you, if we get the running game going, the offense is going to be unstoppable.
  7. What about his run blocking?
  8. I know… I couldn’t stop laughing for like 10 Minutes.
  9. I remembered when we hired Judge and Garrett that Barkley was going to compete for 2000 yards season. But instead, I’m hoping for us to win at least 1 game this year.
  10. Man… I hate to say it. But I think we need to bench Saquon. Looking at the game again, he looks like he left a lot of yards out there. And he’s not a very good pass blocker either. This dude dances way too much. Somebody needs to talk to about that… the big yards will come naturally.
  11. TBCV - You are mistaken my friend. The Redskins ran it in the 80's. The Cowboys in the 90's. The Rams in the early 2000's. Kansas City in the Mid 2000's and the Cowboys in the 2010's. Joe Gibbs was Dan Fouts offensive coordinator. Norv Turner was a assistant coach for Gibbs. Mike Martz was an offensive coordinator for Norv Turner. But you're right, without the right personnel, its runs the like the shit you see today.
  12. Judge is a talker. That dude is full of shit... Fire GD and Judge and put Garrett as interim HC.
  13. Garrett is NOT the problem. DG is... We are running a Air Coryell offense with West Coast personnel. It doesn't make sense.
  14. Geez... I saw him do an interview before the season started and he sounded excited to prove last year play was not a fluke and that he can be even better than last year.
  15. Well we had to get rid of Zeitler because he can actually block. We can't have none of that here. What kind of message are we sending to the rest of the OLine.
  16. I'm a Saquon guy. But I had a funny feeling this guy wasn't going to do well in this offense. If you look at all of the RB that has had success in this offense. ( John Riggins, Emmitt Smith, Larry Johnson, Marshall Faulk and Z Elliot) These were North and South runners. They also trusted the system and were patient that the big play was eventually going to come. Norv Turner once laughed when he heard the opposing Defensive coordinator admit it didn't feel like Emmitt Smith had ran for 165 yards against them. And you will think Saquon was made for the offense. The guy is 235lbs with a 4.39 speed. I mean, I was excited to see what Saquon was going to do. I honestly thought for sure he was going to fighting to 2000 yard season. But that's if Jason Garrett can teach him to stop dancing and hit the hole. to stop trying to hit the home run and eat up those yards. I like Jason Garrett... I like his version of the Air Coryell offense. I just don't think we have the OL, and TE to run it properly. And by the looks of it... RB too. Looking back, we should have hired Eric Bieniemy. Our roster look more suited to run a west coast offense than Coryell. This is why I'm completely puzzled to the fact DG didn't draft not a single OL in this year draft. Especially since this years draft had the most talented in the OL position in nearly 8 years. And since DG made an emphasis to fix the OL.
  17. I wonder if there was someone in this year's draft the Giants should have taken. I'm sure GD made the right pick.
  18. Bad team find a way to lose. This is another example
  19. Nice to see Evan is in game shape form.
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