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  1. Oh Drizzle... if only it was that simple. You see, towards the end of the season. The Giants will win just enough to take us out the a top 10 draft pick.
  2. Thats because we dont have a Probowl RB on this team. Oh wait... we do. This team sucks
  3. Hes got to take a chance... its close
  4. This Oline sucks... cant run the ball at all
  5. I didnt think it was possible... I swear it seems like the OL is playing worse than last year. Solder has been a complete freaking bust! Remmer has been ok at best and Halapio is awful as predicted. I honestly feel the defense is going to be ok. I know, I know... they are awful. But for reason I feel a good foundation is there.
  6. Yeah... Im stating to think its going to be a long time before the Giants can be contenders again.
  7. Please dont let Solder give up another sack, Please dont let Solder give up another sack, Please dont let Solder give up another sack... ??
  8. I picked him up off waivers and started him... I feel shameful.
  9. Oh God no... Slayton Just tied Ike Hilliard 04, 05 and 06 Combine TD total.
  10. Im happy to hear you say that... I was beginning to worry about this kid
  11. Great... Im sure the Giants will draft Corner in the first round
  12. Is it too early to start analyzing the 2020 NFL draft?
  13. Lets just get it over with... lets just merge with the Cardinals.
  14. How does Barkley have a 20 yard run and only have 24 yards rushing for the entire half???
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