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  1. You think Cincinnati passes on Chase?
  2. I swear to you. I thought Solder was going to come in here and improve this line. Nope. probably our worse player.
  3. I don't know. The OL was awful last year. The running game improved a lot. But the passing game was awful. We also need a passrusher.
  4. I don't see how JaMarr Chase would fit in this offense... If we ran a west coast offense. maybe. But I think we should invest in a OL or pass rusher. especially since Williams seems to be gone.
  5. I could be wrong. Moral of the story is... He broke my heart.
  6. Solder... I can't stop thinking what a complete bust this guy turned out to be. I remember how excited I was when we signed him. Now I know why NE didn't want to resigned him. They knew he was a bust.
  7. I really had high hopes for Lorenzo. Dude has all the tools. But I think it just chance. I think players were taken right before the Giants could draft them. I don't know. I doubt the Giants are purposely not drafting players because of their position.
  8. Whoever is number 16... draft him immediately! That’s a mans man!
  9. I forgot where I read this... But they are saying Hernandez played better Lemieux. Which shocked me. because I'm telling, it seemed like the running was way better once the coaching staff replaced Hernandez. I could be wrong.
  10. Wow... Wow. This one was a toughie. I've been pondering the answer to this question in my head since yesterday. So much so, even my Boss asked me if I was ok, that I seemed out of it for some reason. I told him I'm going to take the rest of the day off. Something came up yesterday and I don't know how to respond to it. He then asked "Geez man, is everything ok at home? Are you and the Ms. ok? "Yeah...everything is great there." as my eyes begin to watered. "Its just my core believes have came into question. And...and I just don't know if I have anything left in me to respond"... "Handle your Biz" were his last word to me. I rushed to my car and sat there. I watched as hope turned into darkness and uncertainty. But I knew the battle that lay ahead. So I rolled up my sleeves, closed my eyes and begin to ponder. at first nothing... I asked myself "What am I doing? they need you. Focus!!"... 10 minutes later... Still nothing. But then, from a distance. I see... I, I see a... a figure. I can't make it out. The image isn't clear and so I get closer. "what is it?" I asked myself. Still no idea... But then a blurry brown object bounces off it and the sound of disappointment from a distance gave me a clue. "Are those...Are those hands?" Yes... Those are hands. But who's? With a smile on my face, I ran towards the image. it got bigger... it became clearer. it was... blue. Finally... something familiar. Better yet... a number. I'm literally inside the image at this moment and the number is 88. But this person is wearing a face shield... I can't tell who it is. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! COME ON!.. I look into the crowd for answer. But all I get is vague clues... "Another drop!!" "What a first round draft bust!!" I feel like I'm back to square one. But then, from a distance. I heard something. I barely heard it. I almost didn't think much of it, really. it the lowest of sound I've ever heard. "come on, Kerry! stop throwing it to stone hands" Oh my God... Before I could say the name. A light beamed on me like it came from heaven. Then a tap on window. "Hey...Hey are you ok? Everyone has gone home already" Said the security guard. Yes.... I.... am, sir. I got out of the car and raised both hands in the air and said "Its Ike! Its always been Ike Hilliard." "Sir?" asked the guard with confusion on his face. "Don't you get it?" I said with excitement in my voice. "He's was worse than Ron Dayne, Cedric Jones, Thomas Lewis, George Adams, Derrek Brown, William Joseph, Luke Pettigout, Ereck Flowers, Dave Brown."... "Sir?"... So I walked toward him, grabbed him by the shoulders with a smile on my face. As to say, I was as confused as you are and whispered " and of course.... Evan Engram." In short. Still Ike Hillard.
  11. That's not going to happen... Gettleman and Williams made a deal to only tag once. They agreed to terms and Williams signed his one year tag. I doubt Gettlemen tags him again.
  12. Yeah... I just saw a couple more videos on this kid. very impressive. His athleticism jump out at you. I would not be upset if they drafted this kid. I want to see his blocking though.
  13. Impressive... at number 11 though?
  14. I thought it was pretty weak... I hate the Eagles. I truly do. beside the Red Sox, I can't think of another team I hate more than the Eagles. Having said that, The Eagles don't owe us or the NFL shit. They need to do what's best for their team. Period... I'm surprised Hurts started the game to be honest with you. We didn't make the playoffs because of US. Not the Eagles! We were on top of the Division and we let it slip through our fingers.
  15. Dude is playing like a beast... unbelievable game he had last night. Never mind the QB sacks. The fact he had 5 QB hits is awesome...
  16. I’m just excited how good Thomas is playing the 4 games. Yes thought we hand another Erik Flowers in our hands. I’m sorry but the secondary is playing incredibly. I worried with lost of Baker and Beal we were going to struggle. But this is our best unit... I know the Line gets a ton of credit. But I feel most of their sacks are coverage sacks. if this team can get a good TE. This offense will take off. The one thing you need in a Don Coryell offense, is a Good TE or 3 Good WR. Right now... we have none.
  17. 190 yards rushing against the 3rd best rush defense.
  18. Never in my life have I cursed so much, then followed it with the word Love.
  19. I have to tip my hat on this one. But I think Williams is playing out of his mind right now. I think he's the best player on the defense. Not trying to take away anything from Bradberry or Martinez. Believe me, they are playing as awesome too. But Williams has been a monster this year.
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