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  1. I concur, that 200+ yard game shows what he can do and he was the only WR last year. If OBJ, Sheppard, Barkley and Engram can stay healthy it's going to be a highlight reel season.
  2. Yeah, what the fuck are they thinking? Why are they getting paid at all?
  3. Cash money is what. As usual money is the driver.
  4. NFLPA is rightly challenging.
  5. Unless OBJ goes full retard he'll be retained by franchise if need be. Can't let a talent like OBJ walk.
  6. This and upside are the worst.
  7. NFC championship game. Clearly they are thinking win now with a 3 year deal.
  8. He's about to get a lot more random tests now. Didn't Gordon state he had like 50 tests in one year?
  9. I have a friendly bet or r/NYGiants that Barkley is first. The Browns have continually passed on QBs and with #4 they will still have many options for QB. Since Jackson is apparently good with QBs I think this is what will happen.
  10. Jesus Christ, the Redskins are such a cluster fuck.
  11. If I'm the Colts I go after Reich. What the the Eagles did this season is a masterpiece.
  12. Hard to know when the majority of information isn't reliable. I doubt though that the Redskins would have had to go balls deep if they had tried to sign Cousins on his first franchise. The problem is they didn't try any real negotiations and then re-franchised him and still weren't trying to get him into a long term deal. Cousins has every right to feel slighted because the Redskins disrespected him at every turn. Smith "looks" good because the Chiefs have a great running game he can dump to. When those guys are held in check the O sinks. As for Cousins if I were the Browns I'd go at him hard. If they lock up a QB and with those draft picks the Browns could turn around quick (assuming Jackson finds a way to coach).
  13. Exactly this. Redskins are such a fuck up they actually franchised twice and still couldn't get a deal done. I think the Redskins need a dictionary to look up the word franchise player. When a team franchises a player a long term deal should be done before another franchise tag is needed. This is GM 101.
  14. I love this "conspiracy" pic. One of the players bumped the referee and was apologizing. He wasn't part of the celebration.
  15. Agree but the Patriots have a way of doing this to teams. They are so good that I think teams start to overthink the play calling. What I don't get is why they didn't start running Bortles more. Once the D started focusing on Fournette and the play action Bortles should have had huge running lanes. A few times when he was scrambling and there seemed to be good lanes to run into.
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