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Why isn't Toney seeing more snaps?


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Also I think it's just the roster of WRs we have and modern day playcalling. 

Unless you have a fucking dog pass catcher like DeVante Adams, Travis Kelcee, etc. You typically see teams rotating players back and fourth all game to keep those legs fresh and defenses guessing.

We have a roster of WRs who don't really fit into that category (for now anyways) so Kafka is just using his players to their strengths whatever the situation may call for.

We seen times were the WRs out there were Shepard, Sills and James. Other times it was Toney, Robinson and Golladay.  

The running game was working in the second half and they kept the personal packages in to block for Barkley and Brieda. 

Doesn't mean Toney isn't going to get more attention, just Kafka and DaBALLZ aren't going to change things up it something is working.

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3 hours ago, mastershake said:

This 100%.

He's too talented not to use.

Talent is great… he’s wasting it away and I hope he gets it together… 


37 minutes ago, Sephiroth said:

Rumors are he doesn't study the playbook. This is the 2nd coaching staff that's been reluctant to play him; probably not a coincidence. 

see what I mean?

besides if the run is working great, why deviate from it.

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14 minutes ago, K3VIN said:

He just sucks 

No he doesn't... he has the talent to be a superstar... He just has to get his head in that mindset and from the couch looking in, I don't see that just yet.    Between him and Golloday, (and even the rookie Robisnon) our WR corp can be tremendous.

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1 minute ago, boohyah said:

Daboll indicating toney behind on playbook and needs to earn his time on field. Not injury related.

Not a real good sign for Toney. ReAl good side for coaching staff and discipline. Enough bullshit.


well if they want to win more games they should find more ways to get him involved. 

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