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I forgot how bad it was.


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Collins was terrible, for sure, but he had zero help from his offensive line. His choices were "toss the ball and hope the receiver makes a play or take a 5-yard sack every play." I honestly can't fault him too much for that.


Greg Comella was a shitty fullback too, so there's also that.


Watch at your own risk.




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I remember listening to the first half on the radio. I was working in a kitchen at a pizza joint.


I got out and to a party in time to watch Ron Dixon return the kickoff for a td. And if my memory is correct the rave s returned the very next kick for a td.


Then I remember drinking beast ice and ripping bongs.

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I remember my phone ringing like crazy after the game... I was living in CT at the time and my friends were seriously worried about me... sure enough I only picked up the phone when my best friend called.. by the I'd been driving probably 100 mph at night in some dark back road.

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