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  1. I really didn't see it that way. To be fair, I chalked it up to injury, but it was rough. The best OL in my view... was Gates. His performance, given the turnstiles on either side of him, was shocking to me. I'm ignoring his first four games or so, obviously. Because those were awful. But first time, at a new position, in the NFL, I'll give a pass. I really can't fault the front office much for not putting more resources into the OL this off season because they put so much into it last off season. Sooner or later you have to give the young guys a chance to learn. I can only assume they've shown well enough in the building to justify the team's faith that they'll one day soon be able to perform well enough on the field.
  2. no clue why anyone would think Zeitler was the team's best OL last season. Zeitler was just the lineman with the most recognizable name. He was hurting and did not play well at all.
  3. I used to use it for Giants news, but lately the site has had some real garbage malware ads in the last couple years. Now that we know the site owner is a Trumpet I'm wondering if that was intentional.... Collaboration with the Russkies is afoot!
  4. haha, think they deleted it already? 'no politics! derrrrrr!' he makes it pretty obvious his political leanings in the way he enforces the no politics talk rules on his site.
  5. If that happens just like that, I'm going to put a deposit on a game day sky writer.
  6. I'd view an ascent to average to be a successful season, and given the state of the NFC East average should be enough to win the division. So yeah... playoffs or bust.
  7. If I'm understanding that article correctly, they aren't saying that he will still healing, just that they're going to work him back in slowly. Which is pretty sensible. I've thought that might be a good way to handle RBs anyway. Go more by committee early in the season, then later in the year shift the touches to your lead back.
  8. Me too, but I think in Jones' case he was still growing when he came into the league.
  9. See, I blame the coaches, because they exclusively asked Engram to do things on the field that he just isn't good at. By things, I mean playing football.
  10. It felt that way in 2016 too, until about the second quarter of the playoff game, so I'm trying to temper my expectations. I noticed at the Bengals game, having a good view of the Giants sideline, that everyone seemed fresh. And the only guy who was consistently on his ass was Will Hernandez, who only played special teams snaps that week. Generally it seemed a collegiate team atmosphere, really fun to see and to root for.
  11. Isn't that the wrong Tisch? I thought Steve Tisch is the one involved with the team.
  12. I don't think it's that tight, Tisch probably doesn't know anything. I just saw an interview with Shep, he said he's been working out with Saquon and that he's doing well.
  13. Well, he's not lying.... We won't know he's ready until he's ready.
  14. I like his game a lot, I wouldn't have been mad if he were the pick at 20. I considered him at 11 as well. I think he's going to have a Terrell Suggs sort of career.
  15. Cowboys would probably be down the list too, but they have one home Thursday game every season. Its about a +.4 wins a season advantage.
  16. not a one Sunday night football appearance? how about that. The league must have very low expectations for the team this year, that's pretty unusual for a draw like the Giants to not get a SNF game.
  17. I'd have been ok with him in the second round. Crazy workout numbers. But he never looked like anything special on the field.
  18. I saw Gettleman say that the targets at 20 were Toney or Jamin.
  19. oooooooh he jamin but he not jamin with you!
  20. Could be BS. Chris Simms has been going on about it.
  21. I don't think OL is even the weakest position group on the offense. That would be the receivers, then TEs, and then - arguably - quarterback. The way you guys feel about the lack of OL picks this year is how I felt about the lack of WRs last year.
  22. Rodgers actually requested to be traded to the Giants (among others).
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