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  1. he does sound like a football player, but I thought we had met our McKinney quota.
  2. well sure, results are what matters over the long haul... And the way you get results over the long haul is with a rigorous process. we should flip this around the other way - you're saying that the team is overvaluing process at the expense of results, so what about their process do you think they could change that would have resulted in better results so far this season?
  3. I'm surprised you keep doubling down on this let's-not-even-bother-to-compete-because-we-suck-and-it-might-hurt-our-feelings thing. High achieving people do not operate under the assumption of failure.
  4. Orlovsky's Timmy Tough Nut line was gold. But frankly nothing the Giants did is quite as stupid as everything this guys said with respect to Jones' possible concussion the prior week. Those guys were going on about 'oh, he had a serious concussion!' - based on what? Are any of them doctors? Were any of them even in the room for the medical evaluation? Not even any super secret medical record disclosing source? I'm guessing not. Wasn't but a few days before that I was watching some other former player round table where they guys were all like, man if Jones is medically cleared and Judge holds him out, that team will turn on Judge. At least in that case, those guys were not operating with the benefit of hindsight or a chronic case of Giants envy (in that respect, Rex Ryan is a fucking clown). The irony of us piling on Judge's comment about the process being more important than results is, you don't have to massage that line too hard for it to be a true, wise statement. You show me a purely results based approach, I'll show you a team that is celebrating when their broken clock actually displays the correct time. 'Results! we knew it!'. Sometimes, you can get the right answer, the right results, for the wrong reasons.
  5. for sure, I agree.... I meant that only in the 'the greatest ability is availability' sense.
  6. well.... you show me a team with starters that can't move the ball against another team's back ups, I'll show you a team that needs reps. unfortunately wherever we come down on whether it made sense to keep Jones in the game, it seems we're all boiling this down to the same conclusion - Jones isn't going to be here for the long term. on the bright side, lets give some props to Will Hernandez for being the team's best, most consistent offensive lineman in 2021! Way to go big Will!
  7. I think the Ravens are a great example of iron sharpening iron. Good roster year after year after year. It's not just that they draft well, it's that they develop players well too. Didn't Judge talk a big game on teaching? Hmmm. So pull Jones to protect his confidence? If there's any chance it would impact his confidence then show him the door at the first opportunity.
  8. I see your point, but I think you're wrong on the value of those 'garbage time' reps.
  9. Yes. But I do need to give Orlovsky some credit for calling Judge 'Tommy Tough Nuts'. That one is going to stick.
  10. He should be a starting QB? I'm not positive. That's why I was good with him staying in the game.
  11. no, it just means you're way overrating Jones. Or I'm way underrating him. One of those two.
  12. have we reached that point that we're so confident in Jones that we want to save him for 'meaningful' games? Because I see a developing player who needs the reps. if we want to play the hindsight game, why were the Giants starters sat out basically the entire preseason? Jones needed more reps then, and certainly not fewer reps now.
  13. haha, well hold on now.... wasn't Rex Ryan the coach that got Sanchez obliterated late in a meaningless, lost game? Or presided over the Geno Smith locker room fights? If anybody would know what 'stupid' is when it comes to managing QBs, it probably isn't Rex. The premise of that whole rant is that Jones was concussed the prior week. All evidence indicates that he was never truly concussed. I'm basing that on both teammates comments after the game and the rapidity with which Jones moved through the protocol. There was a whole lot of stupid.... hell, the QB sneak was stupid, but not because their medically cleared, fucking huge-strong-fast QB was sent on a sneak.... it was because they went into a goal line formation to let the D bunch up, then ran the sneak right at their defensive strength. If they spread them out in that spot.... the sneak works and probably even gets four yards.
  14. You won't catch me dumping on the team for churning the bottom of the roster, but I'm not sure how a rehabbing almost 30 year old fits into that.
  15. I don't like him on any level. I marginally respect him as a football coach, but still think he's massively overrated. I don't respect him at all as a man.
  16. oh god, nobody from Andy Reid's coaching tree. I don't want that kind of scum anywhere near the Giants.
  17. so there was apathy when down several scores, or they threw the game, ala 2020 Philly? I'm having a hard time keeping track where the goal posts are.
  18. Damn, I don't think lack of effort was the issue. To my eyes, the Rams football team was that much better than the Giants football team. Nobody laid down, nobody cheated.
  19. I didn't see it that way at all. It was a tight game until the Giants two best remaining players, Toney and Thomas, went out of the game. I don't think Judge has lost the team yet. Yet. I think a lot will depend on how he responds this week.
  20. Lol, so I'm right. What the Eagles did was flat out throw the game with back of the roster shit. There was a respectable amount of effort out there even until the end. This isn't the 2017 McAdoo Giants yet.
  21. Penny always seems to get positive results. Not sure why he doesn't get more chances.
  22. If right time and place he could have had a HOF career. Arrived just in time for Dave Brown, lol.
  23. Huh? Who gave up? All the starters are out there.
  24. I'm torn on whether to fault Jones for considering Engram as a target.
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