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  1. Fuck it. With no Oline nothing's gonna matter this season anyway.
  2. I sometimes wonder if Jack hacks his account just to fuck with us.
  3. I don't understand the whole "my vax status is private" thing. Everyone knows you got vaccinated for Rubella, Small Pox, etc. when you were a baby. Everybody denies or confirms whether they got a flu shot. Either you got the covid vax or you didn't. The only reason to deny you got the covid vax is that you know full well you should be getting it but don't and you are ashamed.
  4. I know, I thought you were talking about the collective "they", not TNT literally.
  5. Right? I wish it were more mainstream prime time, but I've been waiting for a Peyton/Eli gig since they retired. Should be funny if nothing else.
  6. They should have Rachael Nichols and whoever she pissed off do a cage match too.
  7. https://www.nfl.com/news/peyton-eli-manning-headline-alternate-monday-night-football-telecast
  8. Those 2 little SB rings will get him in.
  9. He gambled on Ike Hillard, so.....
  10. He's retiring at age 29 with NFL type money and after a season of sitting out for his body to heal. Good luck and good health to him.
  11. I'm going to make a bold prediction: Aaron Rodgers will not win another SB, nor will he be the next Alex Trebek.
  12. It's a smoke screen. Let other teams think we have a problem and let them prep for backups, then roll out Barkley on opening day. And if not, so be it, he'll play when he's ready. In the meantime, we've got Kenny.
  13. I can't find the link, but I saw on NFL.com that based on strength of schedule, the Gmen have the 8th easiest schedule. The Cowboys have the 2nd easiest and the Eagles have the easiest schedule. Well never mind, I found it: https://www.nfl.com/videos/expanded-season-strength-of-schedule-rankings Look at 5:18
  14. Really? Shows you what I know. I only knew about the 9'ers, Broncos and Raiders.
  15. To this day, I cannot grasp how to use Photoshop.
  16. At the risk of beating a dead horse to death, no way Rodgers comes here behind this line. 25 year old Rodgers? Maybe. I mean, I think our line will come together if Sale continues what Judge took over last season, but as it stands right now, a 38 year old MVP caliber QB on the verge of retirement wouldn't risk being turned into a vegetable.
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