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  1. Haskins released. https://www.nfl.com/news/washington-football-team-releases-qb-dwayne-haskins
  2. Win and get in. Worst nightmare: Get hot and take this team to the SB against the Ravens and get spanked like in '01.
  3. I'd like to believe we all make excuses for him ( bad oline, etc.) and that he will be the 2nd coming of Eli, but... he just may not be who we thought he was.
  4. Come on, man. How could someone with a name like Kwity Paye not get mocked?
  5. What a surprise. Giants OC all of a sudden gets the Covid? Browns former HC gets to call plays against his old team? McCoy may get the start against his old team? It's a well conspired plot.
  6. Only girls keep a diary. Real men keep a journal.
  7. No kidding. Who opened up the can of 2004 Nas? Sounds just like some of the arguments discussions from the old CE.
  8. Should've let him "heal" another week and play the hot hand the rest of the season. Oh well, disappointing. Go 9'ers.
  9. The Raiders sacking Ken O'Brien 10 times. Not much has changed for the Jets.
  10. Funny you say that. Nowadays, yeah, I'd agree with you, with the internet and all. Back then it would have been pretty impossible to find each other. Hell, the Air Force was still pushing pen pals back then. Funny part is, I lived off base amongst the locals almost the entire time. Lived in Brit houses, shopped in Brit markets, hung out with brit neighbo(u)rs. Lost my NY accent pretty quick. Almost every time I was at a pub, some bloke would come up to me and say "oy mate, I've known a lot of you lot come into me pub, and you all leave to go back home. There was this G.I. used to come in 'ere. Name was Joe. Nice bloke. From Texas. You know 'im?". Used to crack me up. (I didn't know anyone from Texas at the time).
  11. I was stationed in England from '83-'92 and watched that same show. Nick Horne I believe was the presenter. They also used Big Audio Dynamite's "Bottom Line" as the intro as well as two tribes. The blokes at the local didn't know we got the "Stars and Stripes" newspaper on base and knew the score from the game Channel 4 was showing each week. We used to make a killing in free beer. Those were some of the best years of my life.
  12. Carsonwentzhispants is one of the greatest internet names of all time. Probably second only to Don Hurlione.
  13. We could always give your buddy Ike Hilliard a call.
  14. Bizarro world scenario: Colt beats Seattle. Causes QB controversy. Wins next 5 to take us to the playoffs and eventually....dare I say it.....the Superbowl. Hey, it's 2020, it could happen.
  15. Just our luck. Hope he's a quick healer. They had things turning around.
  16. After New Year....what....2022? 'Cuz this shit ain't going away anytime soon.
  17. Another branch of the Bellichick coaching tree cut loose. https://www.nfl.com/news/detroit-lions-fire-head-coach-matt-patricia-general-manager-bob-quinn
  18. Not a surprise really, considering our positivity rate is nearly 16%.
  19. That too. I haven't started or posted in a gameday thread. I guess I'll just check back in during the Superbowl parade.
  20. They're only playing better since I put up a sig pic mocking Jones. Now I'm afraid to take it down.
  21. Of course he had no turnovers. Seph deemed him the human turnover last week. I mocked him with a sig pic. WE WON!
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