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  1. Rank 3 Azeez Ojulari Georgia · Edge New York Giants Round 2 · No. 50 overall Ojulari was my No. 22 big-board player ahead of the draft. The Giants now have two firsts, two thirds and two fourth-round picks next season from a series of trades, including the trade down to No. 50. To amass all of these picks and get a top-22 player at a position of need is the definition of value. Ojulari's speed stands out. HIs burst -- which is the speed (velocity) he reaches from the start of a play to the first 2 yards past the line of scrimmage -- was the fastest in FBS last season. Alignment versatility adds another element to blitz and pressure packages.
  2. BiC and JR are making a deal in GD.
  3. He left to smoke a bowl.
  4. I mean, I'm no draft guru, but if top OL or D guy in the first was passed up on and QB's, WR's and now RB's are all being taken instead, Top OL and D guy is still gonna be available later. Aside from the "what if" factor of Getty fucking up the pick, what am I missing here? We can still get 1st round talent later.
  5. So, with all this skill position talent being taken in the 1st, won't that leave top OL and D talent for the later rounds? We can still get 1st round talent later....right?
  6. And we have a 5th now from da' Bears.
  7. Kwity Paye sounds like a Wayans Bros. character. And look at the size of his head. We should have taken him.
  8. I don't believe you have a 25' pole.
  9. Comparing Washington's "surprise" playoff appearance to Buffalo's is ridiculously stupid. WFT only went to the playoffs because someone from the NFC East had to. And yes, I'd say the Same if the Giants went.
  10. Shows you what I know. I didn't even know we had an Abrams.
  11. Lughead hacked Seph's account.
  12. I just hope the season is back to normal next year.
  13. Bengals made him an offer. Saw it on ESPN, but that's all the ticker said, no details.
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