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  1. Maybe we can get an Apache to do the firing.
  2. Fitzmagic to the WTF. I hope they pick a fucking name soon.
  3. That means Jameis is going to the the starter.
  4. They hit the panic button because Dak had great numbers before he got hurt, and Dallas totally sucked without him. I would have let him go and gone after Wilson.
  5. God damn you! I was just getting a "BREAKING NEWS" thread started when I saw this.
  6. JJ Watt released by mutual agreement.
  7. Wow, Giants.com has really gone downhill. I thought it was a knockoff site at first.
  8. Yeah I get that. They also say Arians said he was able to ease up on the coaching and let Brady do it. That, with brady around, if he saw something needing to be corrected, he just handled it and Arians was happy to just let him do it. How many coaches would just give up the reigns to their QB? Brady's great, no doubt, but as I was trying to say, he just seemed more human since he wasn't around Bellichick. Like, where was that guy over the last 20 years.
  9. Watching him after the game last night, maskless, hugging everyone, gleefully spreading the Covid, he just seemed more human than he ever did in New England. I mean, he had genuine expressions on his face, he seemed casual at the mic, and certainly less stressed than when he was trying to push "the Patriot Way" at the end of any win. I almost had to think "what a nice guy". Almost.
  10. I really wonder what would have happened if Eli went somewhere else for a few years.
  11. And that's just where the Rams could be headed. Being contenders the last few years (with a SB appearance to boot), you have to wonder why they would give away the future for Stafford. Yeah, they'll probably be more towards the bottom of the draft anyway so it's more like they gave away 2 seconds, but still, it's 1st round talent they're passing up on. Of course, Stafford could go there and win a couple of SB's and everyone will be shocked. Who knows, it's why they play the games, right?
  12. That's a lot for the Rams to give up for a 33 year old QB who hasn't done anything in the post season. Granted, as you said, he's Eli-tough and has had shit around him (except for Megatron), but the Rams are contenders and Stafford hasn't contended for anything. Seems to me Goff got hurt at the worst possible time and the Rams have hit the panic button. OR, the rumors about the McVay/Goff romance ending were true. Either way Detroit made out like a bandit. A 2021 third-round pick and first-round picks in 2022 and 2023 will put talent around Goff if Detroit does the right thing with them. The Rams must be happy to run with what they've got for the next few years. Winner: Detroit.
  13. Just for shits and grins: 5 NFL Teams That Marcus Mariota Could Start For Next Season Heavy.com - Marcus Mariota Floated as Trade Target for Giants Personally, I say it never happens, but then 2020 happened so......
  14. Dude. They put up 28 points in the 1st qtr. It's a beatdown.
  15. Cleveland putting a beat down on Pittsburgh. A Pittsburgh without Odell, I might add. Or their coaching staff for that matter.
  16. Cleveland putting a beat down on Pittsburgh without him.
  17. Quaaludes went out of style in the 80's dude.
  18. McDaniels is going to be the new HC. Steve Billichick will get groomed under McDaniels, and Bilbo will "retire" and come to NY as the GM.
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