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  1. This losing shit sucks. We knew we were gonna be in rebuild mode, but holy fuck. Ownership is supposed to hire personnel to get players and a decent coaching staff. We have none of it and it shows. How long are fans of the "storied NY Giants" expected to put up with this shit? And dare I mention the lowly Jets? Oh, wait, we're just as lowly. The 2 NYC teams that share a stadium BOTH SUCK. So painful to say that and actually mean it. I love the Gmen but Holy God I'm just sick of the losing and false hope.
  2. Aren't they looking for steroids/performance enhancing drugs as well as recreational drugs in those blood samples?
  3. “We’re gonna be alright, guys. Alright? We’re gonna be alright,” Judge assures.
  4. Yeah and for whatever reason the Giants are in Brady's head so I'm predicting a big upset there, and we take the Raiders as well. Their hopes will be dashed by the time they come to Jersey.
  5. Poor Eli can't catch a break. Unceremoniously benched, breaking his streak, and fans booing ownership at his number retirement. I hate to say it, but sucks to be a Giant right now.
  6. Garrett has Cowboy blood running through his veins. Never should have been brought here in the first place. Jerry Jones' evil plan is working.
  7. Eli comes off as so wholesome, yet I bet he nearly killed his parents with worry.
  8. That one on Seattle's Reed is just stupid and doesn't even come close to following the spirit of the rule. This game is full of adrenaline and emotion and they expect these guys to just be robots after making a good play? So fucking stupid.
  9. Lamar Jackson is just one ugly motherfucker.
  10. That look on Denzel's face is priceless.
  11. Morgan Freeman putting a slapdown on Denzel. Fucking great.
  12. Yo, Hop Sing, I have an Amazon Fire TV. Had to update the app, uninstall the app, sign in to my provider. Fuck, I just want to turn the tv on and change the channel to the game not fuck around with all this shit to see it.
  13. I hate MNF on NFL Network. It just took me 30 minutes to get connected. MNF should be on regular TV.
  14. I don't know what it is about the Giants and QB's, but I'm convinced if we got Mahomes, or Jackson, or Rodgers, or anyone like that, they would never have the success here they have where they are now. Even with Eli, God rest his football soul, they never developed him into the "next Peyton Manning". Don't get me wrong I love him, he won us 2 SB's, was as clutch as they come and was a fucking ironman, but I wonder how he would have done somewhere else (in either Pitt or San Diego). It just seems like they never get with the times, and then wonder "what the fuck happened".
  15. Mark Davis looks like a fat Crypt Keeper. Hate that guy.
  16. Hahaha, this is great. Strange game too.
  17. I forgot all about that chicken parm thing.
  18. Yeah, kinda sucks reading back 9 months and seeing how wrong one can be.
  19. That Eli fella talks like he's played a time or two.
  20. Eli had at least a year left, maybe 2 with the right scheme/coaching. Would've like to have seen what Judge could have squeezed out of Eli instead of Shurmur. Jones shows flashes but he's not "the guy". Disappointed in the loss, but there's a lot of football left. On to WTF. Oh, and obviously, I must not make the gameday thread from hereon out.
  21. Yup. The parking situation is so bad they started using all the local business lots around the stadium, including ours. They charge like $40 bucks for all stadium parking and then you walk over to it. And that includes all events, so UNLV college games on Saturday and any concerts. We came into work after one of the Raiders pre-season games and our place was fucking trashed. They rushed that thing and now they're suffering for it.
  22. That abomination they call the Death Star has it's first game with real people in it tomorrow night. That thing is right across the street from my office. It's going to be a nightmare down there. They did nothing to improve the single lane streets nor is there enough parking. As a matter of fact, there is no parking at the actual stadium unless you're Jay-Z or a stadium employee. So funny the guy who cleans the toilet can park in the stadium, but the guy who spent $10,000 on a PSL can't. Plus, there's a no vax, no entry rule. Raider nation be mad pissed, yo.
  23. Wentz in Indy. I hope he wets his pants. (Still one of the greatest internet names ever).
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