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JPP traded to bucs


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Just trade him for a 2nd rounder this year. We need more high round picks not multiple mid rounders


What team in their right mind mind would give up their 2nd for JPP? I'm just happy we unloaded him.

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wow, shit just got real interesting.


So.... trade down for Chubb? Clearing cap space for another couple mid level signings?


This was about unloading JPP more than anything... Now if Denver swaps picks with us, we got either Nelson or Barkley and have a ton of pics to boot :flex:

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The same team that traded a 3rd and 4th for him.


Well they also got a 4th in return.


Plus this logic doesnt make sense because they would throw a third round pick at the guy they would also throw a second round pick at him because?


He's just that good?


JPP was dead in the water, we should just be lucky they were able to trade for him instead of him being cut or sitting on the bench most of the year.

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The move makes a lot of sense for everyone involved. Curious about the fourth round pick switch: We had the 102 and swapped it with their 108. If the Giants let JPP walk instead of signing him we still would have gotten a third rounder in compensation. We'll see what they do with that pick.


The potential switching from 4-3 to 3-4 doesn't appear to have been a factor in the trade. We do get some cap flexibility down the road with about $15 million in dead cap space but an additional $2.5 million for this season.

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It was an overpay from a team that was trying to keep a great defense together. What sucks is that the franchise tag hold killed us during free agency last offseason and now hes not even on the team. A third round pick is a great return though so theres that

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