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  1. I was kind of hoping he'd retire, still I think the Giants can get him to restructure. It is certainly better than just cutting him outright.
  2. I recall hearing Williams talk about how this wasn't about the money, he has already made plenty of money but about respect. "I think for me, I'm not the type of person that likes to bounce around a lot," Williams told ESPN. "I like to be stationary and comfortable on the team, and also like to win. I'd like to be able to stay on this team and hopefully be a part of the rebuilding process to get this team back to a winning program again. "I don't think the money matters as much for me. Obviously, I want to get paid, as every player wants to. This is a business now. You clearly want
  3. He has always been an average tackle who played for an above average team. I never expected him to elevate the play of the rest of the offensive line which is why I'm not disappointed by his performance so far. Paying an average player more does not make him better at his position. I'm just glad Flowers isn't here anymore.
  4. Keep all the guys we want and get the best available in free agency to replace them. Not sure if the Giants will cut Zeitler at this point. They could have traded him for a bag of peanuts mid season and kept him knowing they would be at this moment. Giants are going down the path of contract extension and get some cap space that way. Ok so back to Nate Solder, I say we keep him too. He has already been paid and cheaper to cut next year. I do not expect the Giants to be actively pursuing top tier talent this year through free agency.
  5. What a fun night that was Just a random thought, don't remember how many of you were there then that are still here now.
  6. Isn't this crazy? Not many teams fire their head coach and trade away their franchise QB within three years of a super bowl win. How does Howe Roseman still have a job?
  7. I wonder if he is going to retire or go for a one year deal on a championship team.
  8. I remember when he was heralded as a hero. For all his flaws, he remains a great player. I see a player ruled by his passions and emotions. I don't see a diminished player but one who has to harness his emotions and focus. I think about when Minnesota cut Moss and Oakland traded him for peanuts there was a misconception at the time that Randy Moss was done in the NFL. If Odell can regain that focus and put the team ahead of himself, you will see his best is still ahead.
  9. He'll be playing for the Yankees in April if you keep up with the internet
  10. Rams gave a lot for to make this trade and I think they'll come out on top because of it. Someone tell Lions fans they are now beyond any doubt worse off than the Cleveland Browns. Goff came with a contract that is going to tie them up while Stafford frees up space for the Rams.
  11. I thought it went well with the theme of the post. Things to point out.
  12. In 2000 the New England Patriots went 5-11 and the following year went 11-5, won the super bowl.
  13. I haven't given up on Lorenzo Carter yet, he had an unfortunate and untimely end to his 2020 season.
  14. It's a guess at best because the cap hasn't been released yet. They think the salary cap is going to be a specific number and therefore the Giants will be over the cap. That salary cap number puts a third of the league over the cap.
  15. Surprised, yet the idea of moving on from Wentz was not the better move to make and something needed to happen. What a year for the division.
  16. https://www.bigblueview.com/2020/12/29/22205103/giants-offensive-line-remains-a-work-in-progress-dave-deguglielmo-press-conference I was reading about how Shane Lemieux has all but taken the LG position from Will Hernandez in the last few weeks. I'm pretty shocked by how the Giants have replaced Hernandez since he came down with covid. I like to think it is because Lemieux is ready to take the next step in his development with playing time. Hope it is not because the Giants are planning on letting Hernandez walk when his contract is up. Giants might very well be letting Zeitler and we
  17. No we will beat the Dallas Cowboys and be happy for months.
  18. He'll probably ace that, it is during a real game he disappoints.
  19. I've always thought it was a good move to re-sign players during a season. I feel like it helps to reinforce and further encourage a player who is performing at a high level.
  20. When fans stop watching it. Just stop watching it, only seen one and I can't even remember which one. I think Jerry Rice was in it...
  21. Peppers has really turned a corner the last few games. He has always been serviceable and lately he's been lights out. Now do the Giants pay him two years down the road remains to be seen.
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