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  1. Yay more stats Remember how the Cleveland Browns became the joke of the NFL? It wasn't just because they lost most of their games.
  2. Yeah it was a great game, just too bad a number of plays went the wrong way for the Giants. I'm not concerned about Golladay yelling at DJ yet, emotions run high and he is new to the team. I'd rather see them yelling than sitting on the bench with the towel over their heads.
  3. Oh come on now excuses are like diamonds; forever. He doesn't have 5 weeks, he has all season because we have Mike Glennon to back him up. Giants always have a plan B, it just happens to be the same plan the Titanic went with.
  4. He had a solid game until the turnover. Yeah there are still some bad habits that have yet to be corrected which he will either overcome or it could cost him future as an NFL starting QB.
  5. Only thing that could make me happy about the franchise would be getting rid of the PSLs. That would a great change. I'm way past if we replace this then the franchise will be better.
  6. So oddly nobody told the Giants I picked them to sweep the NFL. Offensive line looks like it can block and the defense is having a problem getting off the field. If the refs are going to call all contact on a QB, this is going to be a terrible season of football.
  7. Can't you just find another team to cheer for? Clearly the Giants have completely failed to live up to your standards since 1925 minus a few games. Why wait until 2022 for that option?
  8. I'm not surprised. I think we would be asking too much of Peart to start at RT at this point. I'd like to see this year with Peart operating as a swing tackle and gaining confidence and solidifying his technique. If he wins the job over Solder during the season and the Giants are winning, at that point the team should transition him there permanently.
  9. I will be all the optimism this board will need for the Giants this year as we run the board with 17 wins. I realize that some of them are going to be close (Vegas Refs) yet the Giants will prevail.
  10. The thing takes time and patience, we have ran out of both some time ago. We want positive results already. I'm counting on the line to solidify this year without more free agents to plug into it.
  11. New York Giants left guard Shane Lemieux's knee injury is reportedly a little more severe than initially believed. The Athletic has reported that Lemieux is dealing with a partially torn patellar tendon, an injury that the second-year offensive lineman and the Giants have been trying to manage through a combination of treatment and rest. Last week when the Giants traveled to New England, Lemieux, who had made the trip with the team to Cleveland the week prior, was among the players left behind in East Rutherford to receive treatment for his injury. While Lemieux has done a little work since suffering the injury early in training camp, he hasn't been able to go full speed in team drills, raising some concern about whether he might be ready to go for the start of the season. The Giants, who saw their offensive line depth take a hit with the retirements of interior linemen Joe Looney and Zach Fulton, traded for former Baltimore Ravens guard Ben Bredeson, a 2020 fourth-round draft picks out of Michigan. Bredeson appeared in 10 games last season as a rookie for the Ravens. Free-agent safety Nate Ebner, whom Giants head coach Joe Judge has expressed an interest in re-signing once Ebner is deemed healthy enough to return from a procedure he had in the off-season for an undisclosed injury, could be getting close to making his return. Ebner visited the Giants' facility on Tuesday, presumably to be checked out by the team's medical staff. The Giants are expected to tweak their initial 53-man roster in the coming days by moving some guys to injured reserve and trimming at some other positions, so a spot could easily be created for Ebner if both sides decide to go ahead with reuniting. The newly trimmed 53-man roster took the field for a light practice late Tuesday afternoon, but one notable player was not out there on the field. That would be tight end Evan Engram, who injured his calf in the team's preseason finale against the Patriots. Engram presumably underwent further evaluation Monday, but as of Tuesday, Judge still didn't have any concrete updates regarding the tight end's status.
  12. How has this guy not bounced back from a pec injury from the combine in 2018?
  13. I think that idea comes from the amount of information available now to fans and when it becomes available.
  14. Haven't been a winning team for some time now. I think it is on the veterans to lift the team over the hump. Giants spent a lot of capital bringing veterans in on both sides of the ball. Rookies are going to spend the season just figuring out the game with the veterans helping the process. It will be Golladay not Toney who makes the difference this season.
  15. How is this class more important or less important than any other draft class in the history of the NFL draft? Who cares how they start, lets see where they finish.
  16. There goes the playoffs He signed with the team for this chance to get traded.
  17. Reinforces and reminds us to not take now for granted.
  18. Ok granted we did not have the ideal training camp time with everyone together healthy, none of those guys are rookies. They would be playing if the season started tomorrow. I just can't see how this team could be worse at this point, they have to prove it to me.
  19. Two preseason games in and one series with half the possible starters. Safe to say haven't seen anything probably for the best to be honest. I like Judge putting the guys who are playing for a roster spot out there to get the opportunity to earn one. Sure the Giants are running thin on offensive guards at the moment but not terribly concerned about that at the moment. Offensive line just has to play better this season with what we have as we do have a lot of young players out there who need real playing time to develop. I think this team is ready to win.
  20. I haven't had the desire to watch football the last two weeks. I knew it was going to be something similar to the pro bowl but with guys who won't make the roster. I have given up searching for diamonds in the rough during the preseason, they show up during the regular season. Good to hear David Sills is still healthy, hope he can stay healthy because he should make the roster if John Ross misses next week.
  21. I have better uses for my time than to follow the Jets. A Jets QB under fire is not a headline, it is typical.
  22. He is entitled to his opinion. Three kinds of former Giants: Love where the team is headed, Hate where the team is headed, Don't care where the team is headed. Schwartz has bills to pay like the rest of us and will figure out shortly he gets less clicks when his opinion is opposite the fan base.
  23. Maybe we should start a retirement thread for the preseason.
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