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  1. People are sheep and sheep are not the smartest animals. Have to write about something since the Giants did nothing fans and writers thought should have been done. I don't know about that money though, it is double what any rb in the league is worth these days.
  2. He had a pretty good start to his NFL career and slumped right after. Would be nice to see him resurrect his career and I have durability concerns at the QB position.
  3. It is a good signing, need a swing tackle.
  4. Martinez is better than the stats are going to tell you.
  5. So you remember the hype on draft day as well.
  6. Bears fans are interested in trading Evan Engram for Leonard Floyd I saw this and couldn't help but laugh. https://dawindycity.com/2020/03/12/chicago-bears-news-evan-engram-trade-packages/3/
  7. A franchise tag would be a reach, transition tag is reasonable.
  8. Whatever he is going to get paid is what it is. Probably getting over $10 million a season for the next 4 years. Now Leonard Williams has to to go out on the field this season and exceed the expectations of fans.
  9. I think we should let him hit free agency at the end of his contract. I don't believe the Giants can get a decent trade for him. He has injury issues yet decent production when healthy, production we need now.
  10. So now he's overweight!
  11. A 38 year old Tom Coughlin
  12. Golden is in the $15 million range and you can forget about a 3 year contract, going for 6. Remmers is around $8-10 million.
  13. Tempest

    Ogletree cut

    No surprises yet. Doubt Solder gets cut and would be surprised if Remmers gets another one year deal to stay. After the 2018 season the Giants have been very clear about how much they do not care about dead money counting towards the cap. I'm sure there are some tough cuts coming, these two were easy.
  14. None of them which is why I don't get worked up about mock drafts and who we draft or don't draft, sign or don't sign. Gettleman thinks Williams is an asset to build the team on, that is all that matters and how that works out falls on Gettleman. Gettleman thinks he got someone worth two draft picks and that is all that matters. If Gettleman is a bad GM, he'll be replaced. I think he has gotten more right than wrong.
  15. I could have brought up the Giants trade to pick up Andre Baker, I brought up Eli Manning because he is been in the news lately with his retirement and was thinking about his career. Giants traded their Second round, Fourth and Fifth round picks to move back into the First round for Andre Baker. I'm not an NFL GM, are you? Neither of us are qualified since you know as much as I do. Reason I don't care about those draft picks is because it was never my decision in the first place. Mara, Tisch, and Gettleman never call me, I would have told them to hold to our picks and bring in Leonard Williams after letting the market set his value. I don't think they called you either.
  16. If they thought Williams was going to be the difference in how the season turned out, they couldn't have been more wrong. I think they were already looking to 2020 when they made the deal for Williams. Most of the problems with the defense was in the secondary and still are. We talk about pass rush around here but who's getting to the QB in 2 seconds on any team regularly?
  17. This has to play out for a while longer before we can determine this is a lose/lose situation. I remember Albert Haynesworth, had two really good seasons for the Titans then the Redskins signed him in the off-season to a massive contract at the time. This is what I'm thinking about and the situation we need to avoid. I could care less about two draft picks, Giants have wasted entire drafts the last few years.
  18. I haven't seen a single quote from Gettleman or anyone with that idea being the reason the Giants brought in Leonard Williams.
  19. It was two different writers so they see Carter from two different aspects. They both want Carter to have one role instead of two and disagree on which one of the two is more important and the role Carter would be better at. Lorenzo Carter is not a bad player, if we two of him on the roster we would send one into coverage and the other after the passer.
  20. I think the problem is the Giants need a guy who can play in coverage and a guy who can rush the passer. Carter can do both but at the expense of getting very good at one of them. I can see where the writers point out his lack of pass rushing moves as a clear problem. If he spends more time rushing the passer, he will develop more moves and refine his technique. I would like to see Carter developed for his coverage skills over his pass rushing ability. This should move him to the inside linebacker role.
  21. When Lorenzo Carter was in college they had him doing both. When he was drafted, nobody was sure which one he could do better. Here is another article to consider: https://www.si.com/nfl/giants/film/why-lorenzo-carter-might-be-a-good-fit-at-inside-linebacker Problem sounds like he still can't do either one better.
  22. All in the past, can't be changed. What can be changed is where Leonard Williams plays going forward. Giants haven't signed Leonard Williams yet so nobody knows what he will sign for and where. I'd rather the Giants had traded for him and choose not to keep him over signing him long term and then realizing they overpaid for him and have that contract impacting the team for years to come. Nobody in their right mind is sitting here thinking about the draft picks the Giants gave up when they traded for Eli Manning. Nobody will be thinking about the two draft picks the Giants traded away for Leonard Williams five years from now. Personally I think Gettleman has gotten more right than wrong and don't waste time thinking about what he got wrong.
  23. It is amazing to me that this is an issue. Giants won 4 games and this is what fans are hung up on.
  24. I don't think it is going to be a good thing for Brady. He should retire and so should Rivers & Roethlisberger.
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