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  1. Maybe sizing has something to do with Chris Mara in the scouting department. Giants have mostly drafted big linebackers and this been successful in the past, not so much lately. Dave Gettleman doesn't have a problem with drafting smaller linebackers and I think we will see him target a couple this off season.
  2. I think it is time for the Giants to make a change at how they view the linebacker position. Giants linebackers tend to be big, slow liabilities in coverage inconsistent pass rushers. Giants defensive line have become very stout upfront and the problem remains what happens behind them. I want to see the Giants go with lighter and faster players at linebacker. Going for players in the 220-240 range even if they top out at 6-2. There are a lot of linebackers in this league who are succeeding that the Giants wouldn't even look at because they aren't tall enough or heavy enough.
  3. Blue, You are counter to everything I've seen and believe in regards to the NY Giants and the NFL and don't fault you for it.
  4. That is where the NFL is going, been going for nearly 20 years.
  5. If they get a WR open in less than 3 seconds, does it matter?
  6. It would seem the Giants have found out how to win yet late for this head coach and team for the 2019 season.
  7. OT class seems to be deep every year the last five. Who do you want starting at RT and eventually at LT? First rounder or a Seventh? For all the talk about Chase Young, he won't be on the field 100% of the time, the true LT will be.
  8. His accuracy hasn't been the problem this year, it has been the snap.
  9. Just win and worry about who we're drafting on draft day.
  10. Tom Coughlin brings discipline everywhere he goes and it leads to success. He did run afoul of NFLPA rules but shouldn't have been fired over it. I think Tom Coughlin is done with the NFL at this point and he has nothing left to prove.
  11. Maybe A lot remains to be determined as to the direction of the team. Tate is far from done, he's right behind Slayton in production. Going into the season Tate was an older version of Shepard and unfortunately Shepard was out numerous games due to concussion so Tate filled in nicely. Giants have an out to cancel his contract going forward voiding the next three years of it but I think they hold onto him. Giants definitely need another speedy WR and if we can get a guy with size, it would be a bonus.
  12. There isn't a lack of talent on this team.
  13. Next season will be his fourth, the fifth year option is worth slightly more than what we're paying him now but he can still play, even if it is not a full season. Expect the Giants to go looking for his replacement after the 2021.
  14. Giants should pickup his fifth year option and let him walk after that. Next year will be the year he plays 16 games.
  15. He's started 2 games, I'm going to wait before calling him a starting quality tackle.
  16. Looks more like our swing tackle than a future starter.
  17. I can see Ogletree getting cut. Money and decreasing returns
  18. That would be a bigger problem for Gettleman than Mara. Here is the problem with a head coach being in complete control of a team: Chip Kelly You need to have a plan that is bigger than the head coach. Drafting and signing players that fit the big picture of the character of the team. The next head coach of the NY Giants will not get the luxury of choosing his own QB, he will have to work with Daniel Jones until the decision is made years later if he can lead the team to a championship.
  19. Find out this Sunday at 1pm est
  20. Problem is we need two corners and we're back to 1 1/2
  21. They are awful based on what? Be specific. Who are the players on this roster or available in free agency who could do better?
  22. Remember how we always complained about Tom Coughlin burying the rookie classes in the depth chart and slowly bringing them into the starting rotation? After this season, I see the reason why. So many inexperienced starters on defense mixed in with under-performing veterans has killed the season for the Giants.
  23. It is way too early to look at any draftees who are starting as busts. Halapio was a street free agent who put in some good work before getting hurt and managed to keep his job until this season exposed his limitations. Remmers is definitely better than Wheeler or anyone else we have plugged in at RT since Justin Pugh and unfortunately we have to continue to look for someone to fill that role. Between the lack of quality free agents and moves made by Gettleman to move high priced players who were under-performing, the offensive line remains an unfinished product. Solder isn't a bust he was overpaid because the Giants haven't found the answer to the position. Offensive line hasn't been the greatest but it has been better this year and will continue to get better.
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