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  1. Shurmur I can see as possibly getting fired for everything that has gone wrong but Gettleman is staying. Shurmur could wind up staying if he just fires Bettcher and a few positional coaches. I don't blame Dave Gettleman for the problems we've seen out there on the field.
  2. I'm having as much fun as everyone else is here watching the NY Giants lose game after game after game in 2019. Since I don't throw a tantrum from hour to hour I'll be clear about it now. I'm as angry as everyone else is about the way the season has turned out. Most games have simply been unwatchable because you know the defense is horrific and the offense a step ahead of it. I think about how we burned Coughlin at the stake for not playing rookies early on, after this season I see the reason for not playing rookies: They are lost out there. Its a different team and you should realize that since it is a new General Manager and Head Coach so to hold them accountable to the years they weren't in charge is ridiculous.
  3. Well if we agreed this thread would be three posts lower on the page I know everyone is busy looking for scapegoats and I look forward to reading about things being turned around because someone finally stood up to Mara/Tisch, or whatever they imagine is the reason for the team winning.
  4. You remember things differently Few believed the team in 2007 was going to the playoffs and would be one and done again if they did. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, it reminds me that the fans believe only the results.
  5. Lets say Shurmur stays, Bettcher gets fired and rightfully so. Bring in Rivera to run the defense and if Shurmur can't win in 2020, Giants can promote Rivera to head coach. If there is going to be a move this offseason in the coaching staff, this should be the one.
  6. Cardinals, Bears, Broncos (recently), Lions, Texans, Colts, Jaguars, Chargers, Patriots, Jets, Raiders...
  7. John Mara & Steve Tisch are great owners imo. They don't meddle in the daily operations of the team, play favorites with team members or staff members. They did hold on to Jerry Reese for too long and fired Tom Coughlin before replacing Jerry Reese. Those mistakes I believe are the only two they have made since they took over team from their fathers. There was a real lack of self evaluation and correction for years that allowed the team to deteriorate. I like what Dave Gettleman has done via the draft and free agency even. Every free agent is not going to be a great signing and he has moved on from those who failed to meet expectations. Don't know if Shurmur gets fired at the end of the season, I still trust Gettleman to find the next head coach if the organization goes that way. I believe in a separation of power and responsibilities of a general manager and head coach. General Manager has to look five years down the road and the head coach has to focus on next week. The next head coach of this team will not be getting control of personnel.
  8. But what if he wins! It will make people angry.
  9. Perry's defenses have been better than what we have had to put up with these last two years.
  10. Said of every next guy I think he would be a great addition to the Giants as our new defensive coordinator. Pay him a lot of money just to do this one thing. Disappointed in Bettcher's lack of accomplishments these last two years and I expect year three to be more of the same. Almost sacks, big plays, more former Cardinals.
  11. We have enough young players, we need capable veterans and I still think Williams will be one for us long term.
  12. Not worried about the draft, we're getting a top player either way. We have the cap space so I can see a few holes being filled long before the draft. Have to wonder what is going through the collective minds of Mara, Tisch and Gettleman. Do they doubt the ability of Shurmur and his staff to win again this season? If that answer is yes then the development of Daniel Jones will continue under another head coach. I have seen no progress from game to game even though the team is scoring more points and the defense is surrendering more points. Progress is wins period and the Giants need to do that before the end of the season. We can talk about almost sacks, tackles, first downs and touchdowns yet these players are paid to produce results or else it might as well be us out there on the field at a fraction of the cost. Team might still be fighting for the staff or each other, does not look like they're fighting to win.
  13. No kidding Giants offense remains one dimensional in year 2. Can't run block and the passing game is pedestrian. Its not getting worse, just a lack of progress when playing from behind.
  14. Cowboys aren't letting him go, he's Jerry's guy. I would take Jason Garrett as well if I had to choose between the two. I think Jason Garrett has proven to be a good coach with an overbearing owner/general manager.
  15. Too early to call him a bust. He is struggling on a team that is struggling.
  16. He was involved, which is enough for the other players who were handed suspensions.
  17. problem isn't the offensive line
  18. Bethea was not a bad signing, Love should have started earlier. When you have a defense lacking veteran experience out there, another rookie won't help. Its been half a season and the defense has not gotten better and Love has no game experience as we continue to lose. If we're going to lose because of failures on defense, might as well give the FS Love some game experience. Everyone else is learning on the fly at the moment.
  19. Rudolph should get suspended as well but he is a QB and the NFL views that position differently.
  20. Yeah I'm not really for giving him some huge contract even though he has played better than every player we have given a huge contract to lately. We have the money but this team is not one high priced veteran defensive player from the playoffs. Let Golden get that money on a team that is in contention.
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