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  1. Thus begins the saddest day of the year for fans. Spent all that time creating the perfect 7 round draft for your team and that idiot of a GM (Guys not named Belichick) just guaranteed a trip to the bottom of the division again. If we only lost one more game we could have had that guy who is getting measurements taken for his gold jacket. Hope we take Andrew Thomas, I think he will be great.
  2. lets see what the papernews has to say
  3. Not a fan of trading down if all we get is some late third day pick. Moving down two - three spots for what a sixth round pick maybe this year? Pass.
  4. Blue mentioned Peppers being a UFA in 2021. Fleming is here because of the offensive coordinator and the offensive line coach. Leonard Williams is here because of the general manager. Glasgow and Baluga are two free agents among many this off season that cashed in that could have easily come here to fill in holes on the roster. Those players will probably be off on rosters a lot closer to the playoffs than the Giants are right now.
  5. The next guy up when it comes to Peppers, it is that simple. I think there is a lot of talent on this team, certainly more on offense than defense. Do you know the difference between the 2004 6-10 team and the 2007 10-6 team offensive lines? Two players. I think we are really that close to finally getting it right. I'd like to see a 12-4 team a lot sooner!
  6. I'll take Solder over Flowers any day of the week at Tackle, Ogletree was the best linebacker we've had in years which speaks volumes, etc. For all the flack that Solder gets deservedly he has not hid from it, he owns it while Flowers never wanted to hear it and ran from it. There is talent but it has to come together or you just have individuals not a team. Peppers staying or going is irrelevant because he was brought in to replace Collins and that was a salary cap move as well. We could have paid Collins what he asked and still be a 4-12 team.
  7. If the coaches are wrong about players, fail to coach them up or utilize them to play at their best, then you will not see the expected results. Giants signed a lot of players the last two years who were between marginal and ineffective. Giants signed quite a few former Cardinals to fix the defense and it just did not work. The success Bettcher had in the NFC West was not duplicated in the NFC East. Giants have correctly identified the offensive line that it needed to be fixed. The Giants haven't stopped for the last two years trying to fix it. Couldn't fix it in one year. Didn't get it right and had to cut some loose and bring in new players. Some guys are stop gap players and others are hopefully long term solutions. Solder was the best tackle available at the time and everyone knew going in he was average then and yet expecting a top 5 tackle? Now back to Williams, Gettleman sees something very few do, as to what that may be is everyone else's guess. Can't defend that decision but will see how it plays out. LOL is there anyone you don't want to whine about this offseason? Pulley started 10 games for the Giants and Fleming was just signed.
  8. Really surprised at how the pass rusher market has played out this off season. It isn't just Clowney that is asking for a lot of money, they all are. Everyone wants what Demarcus Lawrence got last season. So who can we blame besides Jerry Jones.
  9. Not going to see much of an improvement when you missed on the head coach.
  10. https://nypost.com/2020/04/10/giants-mailbag-top-offensive-challenge-facing-jason-garrett/ We all know that the Giants’ O-line has been a horror for many years now. … How much of the Giants’ O-line problems were due to poor coaching (including stubbornly keeping Ereck Flowers as a tackle)? And with [Jason] Garrett as the new OC in tandem with his trusted O-line coach [Marc Colombo] who have a track record of developing stout offensive lines, is it reasonable or wishful thinking that we will see improved performance from the unit? — Bob Donnelly Two valid questions. I put the blame on the failures of Ereck Flowers mostly on Flowers. He did not work hard enough to fix his glaring technique issues despite getting excellent coaching early in his career. Have you considered the front office (i.e. former GM Jerry Reese) did not want Flowers moved inside to guard because it would make his selection with the No. 9-overall pick look bad? One of the real disappointments of the Pat Shurmur regime was that it became evident he did not put together a strong staff. I do not think offensive line coach Hal Hunter was a good fit with Flowers.
  11. Only been two years, were you expecting playoffs year one or year two? JPP was going to be paid for four under the original deal. Patience and see what the next two years bring.
  12. JPP was traded for one reason: Clearing cap space. Giants overwhelmingly succeeded in that regard. As far as leadership, he's doing the same there he did here: Bucs won 12 of 20 the last 2 seasons. JPP has always been a very good player, just can't carry the team.
  13. I remember what one draft analyst said back in January. Andrew Thomas was the best offensive tackle this season and some how through conversation alone has fallen into the pack of offensive tackles that can be taken in the first round. The best offensive tackle period is Andrew Thomas. These other guys are in the conversation because we're just talking about offensive tackles and nothing else.
  14. Offensive lines don't come off the shelves. Accorsi took years to build one, Reese took years to disassemble one.
  15. I really don't see the big deal. Think we need an offensive tackle more than a pass rusher just going by the numbers.
  16. Shurmur got two. Judge is going to have to earn that third year with more wins than the last two years.
  17. I'm sure Eli Manning didn't want to play backup QB his last year but he did. If the Giants had another tackle on the roster who could play at that time, they could have moved Flowers to Guard. Not about player wants but the needs of the team.
  18. I thought the Giants should have moved him to Guard before outright releasing him. There were other issues besides his ability to play tackle that lead to him being cut. I think he will enjoy a level of success at Guard in the NFL but he will never be the dominate player that was expected when he was drafted.
  19. Good move for Rivers, Chargers wasted his talent from day 1.
  20. Bucs offensive line hasn't had an accurate QB since Brad Johnson and Tom Brady is still accurate. Similarities at this point as far age is interesting. Tom Brady isn't going to win this season for the Bucs by throwing over 5000 yards. He has to conserve his strength and be accurate.
  21. He does have a knee injury that I think caused concern for the Titans to re-sign him long term. I think might have been a factor for the Giants not aggressively pursuing him as well if he was on their list. Either way I think the Giants have other plans for rebuilding this offense that goes beyond Conklin. They may very well draft the future LT and have him start at RT. If the Giants do not draft a tackle in the first round I think they'll try to scheme around their high priced average LT and make the best of it. If that tackle proves he can handle the LT position outright I don't believe the Giants will hesitate to move Solder over to RT.
  22. Everyone makes mistakes, some even learn from them and fewer still admit to them. Gettleman has made mistakes, I think he has shown that he has learned from them since those players are no longer on the roster and by releasing them at risk of dead money he has done so. Giants have been at work this off seasons signing new players to front loaded contracts so we don't stuck with buyers remorse and can move on from players faster with a lower risk of dead money.
  23. Thing is as bad as Ogletree was, he was an upgrade over the Giant linebackers from the year before and the year before that, etc.
  24. It has been an interesting free agency period for the NY Giants. New head coach from the New England Patriots who are champions more often than not comes to town. A team flush with cash and seemingly vacant of talent then goes about with about business with barely a ripple in the water. Something must be wrong, we didn't get a pass rusher, the offensive line is a disaster, secondary a sieve, linebackers unheralded, and without OBJ. We have holes all over the place because we only won 4 games last year and 12 in the last 3. Could it be possible an outsider has come in and looked around the shop and said we aren't devoid of talent but have failed to get the most out of the talent already here? Giants should have new ownership, Gettleman should be fired and if Joe Judge thinks he can win with this roster he should be fired is what the fans are left to think at this point. Maybe you should go play Madden 2019 and do a better job.
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