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  1. F it. I'm doing some coke to celebrate Eli.
  2. I'm happy no one came by my cubicle while I was watching the press conference. I definitely had a case of the sniffles.
  3. This idea that Eli only played two great games, only had a couple great passes, won because of flukes, or was never one if the top QBs for an extended period of time (most naysayers say around 5 years) is complete bullshit. From 12-2007 through the 2012 season, Eli was an absolute stud and, at a minimum, top 5 QB in the league. He had the wins, come from behind victories, the stats, the SB trophies, and the SB MVPs. After the 2012 season, his stats were still very good and he was still a top 10 QB for a few more years. The stat compiler argument is horseshit too. If it's so damn easy, why don't more QBs do it? Will Eli eventually get knocked out of the top 10 in stats? Sure... probably a decade or two or three from now with current arena league rules. Eli was fucking awesome. My fav offensive player ever and, without a doubt, a HOFer. Fuck the jealous naysayers. Eli, I love you man.
  4. I'm so fucking hard right now. Still won't give the franchise a penny till certain family members/friends are given the boot, but I haven't been this excited about the team in years. He gave all the answers I wanted to hear. Hopefully he can pull it off.
  5. That's alright. I simply have no interest in supporting teams that are run like garbage. I haven't spent 1 cent on, or watched, a Mets game in over 20 years. Haven't watched a Bulls game in a decade or so. I can do the same with the Giants. If Mara can admit his mistakes and remove all family from operations and hire someone with a clue to run the thing, I'll give them another chance too. But.... No, that's not happening. I wish Mara could take a page from hockeyminded James Dolan. Stay out of the way and let the pros handle it. I love Dolan.
  6. I watched one play (failed 3rd down on the first drive) and turned it off. I won't be watching again until Mara sells his share of the team.
  7. We're 5 games into the second year of a rebuild. WR and RB are the least of our concerns right now. Focus on OL and edge rushers/LBs next. Receivers and running backs can wait until we're ready to compete.
  8. With the way Eli has gone out, my hatred for that scum fuck Jerry Reese has never been higher. I hope he gets hit by a bus and dragged a few blocks.
  9. I'm sad Eli is done, but absolutely ecstatic Jones is in.
  10. The 2007 Giants were a team on the rise and not in the beginning stages of a complete rebuild.
  11. Nope. That makes it easy to make the switch since the only reason Eli had those numbers is because Dallas ass raped us all day long and we had to air it out
  12. The one we select with the #2 overall draft pick in 2020
  13. As soon as we are 2 games under .500 Jones should be the starter.
  14. MetLife is the epitome of an NJ arena... it looks like a diner.
  15. I'm predicting 8-8. Put your reading glasses on
  16. If you finish 8-8, and you don't get the #6 pick in the draft in there, it's a failure if epic proportions. Looking at what they've done through their respective rookie preseasons, Jones is way ahead of where Eli was and if Eli gets forced in, you do it with Jones too. I don't see what's so difficult to comprehend about this if they are going nowhere this year. We are preparing for 20-21 and beyond. Fuck Eli and kissing his ass.
  17. If Jones sits this year then DG, Shurmer & Mara need to be tied to a seat at MetLife while the stadium is imploded.
  18. They won't be 6-0 if I'm predicting 8-8. But to play, no, of course not. By week 6, if they are 2-4, Jones sure as fuck better be in for the remainder of the season.
  19. 8-8 if everything breaks right. If Jones isn't in by week 6, the season is a failure.
  20. Hehe... yup. He's in the tier below Moonpie for quality posting. I miss him
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