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Eli retiring


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I thought I kinda liked Steve Smith, but now I think he can go suck a dick:

Former Giants QB shouldn't be considered one of the greats
Eli Manning will get in the Hall of Fame, so what I think feels irrelevant. Voters are trying to cultivate a case for Eli to get in based on two fluke plays, and I don't think that case is good enough to get him in. Based on the culmination of Eli's career, he shouldn't be considered "a great."

Gonna miss ya Eli. Thanks for some great memories. 

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1 hour ago, Herc said:

The manningham catch was on 1st and 10 with like 3 minutes left. People need to chill out about that play being some kind of game changing miracle. 



It was a great throw that pushed the Giants out of their 10 yard line.

You act as if the Giants weren't struggling that game to move the ball.


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Obviously this is the ending of an era. He wasn’t perfect, but gave us many amazing moments. The guy was a warrior, made of iron. It was great watching this kid grow, and become a champion. Beating impossible odds doing it. 

Thank You Eli. 

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This idea that Eli only played two great games, only had a couple great passes, won because of flukes, or was never one if the top QBs for an extended period of time (most naysayers say around 5 years) is complete bullshit. 

From 12-2007 through the 2012 season, Eli was an absolute stud and, at a minimum, top 5 QB in the league.  He had the wins, come from behind victories, the stats, the SB trophies, and the SB MVPs.  After the 2012 season, his stats were still very good and he was still a top 10 QB for a few more years.

The stat compiler argument is horseshit too.  If it's so damn easy, why don't more QBs do it?  Will Eli eventually get knocked out of the top 10 in stats?  Sure... probably a decade or two or three from now with current arena league rules.

Eli was fucking awesome.  My fav offensive player ever and, without a doubt, a HOFer.  Fuck the jealous naysayers.  Eli, I love you man.

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