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  1. Will Hill sighting. He is playing for the St. Louis team in the XFL.
  2. I swear I think that was the last time I truly felt confident about the Giants in any season.
  3. Near? I just finished watching it. I got waterworks over here. Does that make me gay?
  4. Eisen is the only reason I watch the NFL network
  5. Mara wants to find a way to keep the man in the building. Can you blame him? Eli has been a model employee. People like him you find a way to keep them.
  6. It's always been true. Offense wins you games. Defense wins you championships.
  7. If the Titans win this I absolutely see them as the AFC rep in the Superbowl. It depends on who the NFC sends. If the send the 49ers I think the Titans will lose. The 49ers are looking real tough.
  8. he was good for covering the over on a under/over bet
  9. Belicheck regretting the trading of Garrapalo
  10. My "Hot Take" on Hernandez is that he "regressed" due to Solder dying out there. If you can go back and watch some of the games. You will see a lot of times that when Hernandez missed his block is because he was trying to cleanup a Solder miss and try to get back to his spot but to late.
  11. I said try. But i agree I don't want to see Solder at LT another year
  12. Try and drop back a few picks and get more draft capital.
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