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Giants @ Seattle


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Hats off to Seattle...they played better today.

Jones still not able to win with his arm and leaves the debate open.  He has no receivers, I get it...but one of these weeks he is gonna have to win the game throwing...receivers or not.

Also, Neal being out was noticeable.  

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4 minutes ago, TrashTalker92 said:

Actually if it weren’t for James two fumble we be looking sweet.  Let’s give the other guys some credit. 

True, game would have been close but for him. A lot of other mistakes too though.

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My take aways:

Worst game of the year for Jones, however he didnt have much help out there this game. 

Jones isn't going to have that Eli magic of being able to elevate players around him.

Jones is going to need the team around him to be good if we want to have any success in the playoffs or beyond. 

Richie James needs to have the shortest memory and forget this game. He was open but he couldn't stop those mistakes. 

Defense played ok baring the short fields caused by the turnovers.

Geno is making a case for MVP and they have the rookie of the year candidate in Walker.

All in all the team atleast looked like they were in the game competitively but it's clear the difference in talent level between the two teams.


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1 hour ago, CrazedDogs said:

Not really, these teams are separated by a Richie James.

While that’s obviously a huge reason we lost, we got manhandled in other areas.   As tough the loss was, it was still great seeing a team fight.   I can’t stand that stadium… can’t even think straight with all that noise…

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