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  1. If they wanna get serious. Why don’t these things have bar codes to scan or something legit? Goddamn
  2. Defense had no pressure on the QB. Wtf
  3. Does Barkley look a little off still? Or am I expecting too much ?
  4. Don’t tell me what to do. It’s done!
  5. Time for a sacrificial offering! I’m burning a pair of socks!
  6. This fucking team need to learn to work with what they have!! That means they have a lot and no excuses.
  7. You want some kleeenex, a fucking hug? Goddamn!! Get chromecast! Or you need one? I have one laying around
  8. Stop being cheap. You sazon Jew! Get fubo or some crap
  9. That oline was getting f up. Horrible calling from OC
  10. You meaning blocking like a decent TE? Yes.
  11. Agree. He looks like a decent human being for a white guy….
  12. Center is a little different. You need to have the timing just right with ya QB
  13. I hope DJ could prove me wrong but I always wanted josh Allen (DE, Kentucky).
  14. Them cowgirls almost pull it off if their kicker didn’t fuck them. Are they that good?!?!? Their run defenses looks legit. im a little worry how we can beat them.
  15. The conversation and those two would have while Eiffel towering her. I’ll Fork the cash for that PPV.
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