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Giants @ Seattle


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5 hours ago, BlueInCanada said:

You almost forget how much chemistry Eli and Odell had.

Not to mention Odells playmaking ability. 

What I'd give to have Odell in his prime now. 

Curious how mamy TDs OBJ has since leaving Eli/Giants

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A few final takeaways on this one; after further review:

1) my game day thread streak is over. Next man up!

2) Jones is a confounding QB. Just when I was starting to think he’d hit the ‘good enough’ tier of QBs, he left a lot of throws on the field this week. Yeah the receivers are mere dudes, but there were some very decent plays schemed open. Not going to see them all, but when it’s like one time out of five you even take the shot, that’s just not going to be winning football. (I’m not going to blast him for the throw he attempted but missed. Hasn’t had enough reps with Cager yet.)

3) Seattle’s sheer number of athletes exposed the Giants lack of depth. That’s one of those games that was closer than the score, but it is still clear the better team won. So many athletes. have to give a ton of credit to Geno, he’s playing like Drew Brees, and that isn’t hyperbole. 

4) I forget what four was going to be, so fuck it, I’m clicking Submit.

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Oh, the OL. Andrew Thomas is a fucking beast. Anybody else pick up that on a few occasions Seattle didn’t even rush anybody on Thomas’s side? Like, not even trying, why bother.

the rest of the line made me long for Nick Gates and Evan Neal. Although Ezudu does show a lot of potential too.

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