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It's gameday friends.


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1 minute ago, Virginia Giant said:

Not gonna lie I was pissed whenever the offense stayed out initially.  That conversion did whe for this team what the goal line stop did against the Skins week 3 of the first SB season. Probably not the same and results but sets the tone for this teams future

I think it's a tone setting call.

Unlike the last two HCs who didn't do anything to change the status quo of the Giants and who the team was.

Daboll said "Fuck all of that, this team plays for the W"

It shows this team this isnt the same garbage that has been going on the last five years, this is a new team, a new FO, a new coaching staff and we are sick of losing because we are to afraid to loose.

Judge and Shurmur were so afraid of losing it made this team weaker, they played not to loose.

Daboll plays to fucking win.

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1 minute ago, TrashTalker92 said:

Fucking animal!!  I guess with so many EPL soccer games postpone.  This is great!  You not working tomorrow. Right?

Im up at 6 TT …….. big day tomorrow at work but I will be on holiday on Wed for a few days …… seriously pumped , can’t sleep now. 
Go Giants and Mets

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A few personal notes:

Was working on a home project and completely forgot about the game.  Got the kids in the car for a trip to Costco and stopped to pick up nuggets from McDonalds. The ESPN App alerts me about the game.  I get in the car and tell her… she thought “I’m here well” and looked for an agreement… I didn’t say anything but the look on my face told her how I felt… she suggested we should head back home and we did.  (In my mind, not watching the game means I let my team down).

I intentionally don’t post on SW (superstition)

Loved how the D was bringing it especially pummeling Henry.   

The halftime score was about right and thought ok… they’re warmed up now and can compete (not necessarily win).

Saqoun ran to heaven and Shepherd found the end zone.

Before DJ threw the pick, I thought he was going to throw it away.. the pick was dumb (a Dave Brown play)

I had a feeling that if the Giants score a TD on that last, the play should be to go for two.

 I jumped for joy when we scored that touchdown and my 19 month old joined the celebration with both arms up screaming “taaaaaa” (mimicking my “touchdown).

Great win!!!


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Glad to have a win...especially an unexpected one.  Loved Saquon today.  He is definitely back to form.  Defense was suspect...but kept us in it a bit.  They also lost it for us.  

But I'll be the Debbie Downer here.  The defense was iffy.  No name receivers for the Titans were kept in check.  When we have to guard a guy, a real WR type guy...a dude...some would say...it is gonna be tough.  Liked the run defense on Henry today.  Bent but didn't really break.

Jones fumble and red zone interception were enough for me to undo any positives he may have had (like completion %).  Liked Daboll going for 2.  He'd never admit to it, but I think he's playing the long game...for next year.  So to instill that energy now when a loss doesn't reall matter is a good move.  In a season where winning is more of a focus instead of resetting the table, he might not make that call.

All in all..that was a C grade for me.  Could've been a B+ if it weren't for Jones fumble, Jones interception, and the defense faltering on the final drive.  Hopefully with Ojulari and Thibs, the defense is able to step up a little more.


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6 hours ago, BlueInCanada said:

Also BIG fucking props to Kafka calling his first NFL game as OC.

And Daboll for just being the HC and allowing his coaches to coach.

Some of those playcalls to fake out the Titans defense were master class.

The last 5-6 years I had never ever seen or even imagined that our coaching staff could call something that might actually fake or fool the defense - it was unheard of. In the first half thats what it almost seemed like too - those 2 fake hand offs to Barkley where DJ got whalloped because no one or their grandmas fell for it. We went 2 straight drives without a single touch to Barkley - I have no idea why.

But once he did touch the ball he was electrifying. Now going forward almost all teams will have to respect the run enormously which will open up passing lanes. Im really excited for this season now considering our strength of schedule. Dak is fucked and Washington sucks donkey balls. This division is well within our reach

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Everyone else seeing these videos from the sidelines and locker room?

Daboll has this team fired the fuck up.

Everyone knew as soon as we scored we were going for two and no one questioned it.

Sure losses will happen and put a damper but what a week 1 win.

Its actually fun to be a Giants fan this week. 

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15 hours ago, UK-Giantsfan said:

Im up at 6 TT …….. big day tomorrow at work but I will be on holiday on Wed for a few days …… seriously pumped , can’t sleep now. 
Go Giants and Mets

Enjoy the day off man

Let's go, NY Metropolitans and NY Football Giants :)

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49 minutes ago, BlueInCanada said:

Love seeing Daboll get in Jones face as well after that pick.

Wonder if it was something like "listen kid your a fucking game manager not Eli Manning, stop trying to be a hero and give the ball to Barkley" 

I loved that as well... That was a very dumb throw plain and simple... from our couches we could see Barkley had no chance in hell in catching that... 

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