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GM/HC thread...


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21 minutes ago, CrazedDogs said:


Got to figure that means he ( thinks he)'s next man up in Dallas. McCarthy gonna McCarthy, I like his odds.

For sure... Jones promised him the big center chair.  Why leave?  I sure would not.  He is looking at least at three easy years of salary if and when he becomes a head coach at Brokeback U.  ;)

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2 hours ago, K3VIN said:

Leftwhich getting the nod in Jacksonville. Good for him. Lame on the giants 

Leftwich has been a good coordinator and it was only time for him.  I would've liked to see him operate without an offense featuring stars across the board before dubbing him a HC...but glad he got a shot.  Jax will be telling for him going forward.  Huge risk for him personally

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