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Andrew Thomas


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I think he'll struggle.

Thus far he's look awful in camp and the weakest of the group but he's a rookie.

I want to see the interior three vs the Steelers interior Dline.

The success of Gates at center and Hernandez's hopefully taking a step forward are key for the Giants to have any success this year and run Garretts power blocking scheme.

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In the 2nd Half, when the Steelers didnt rush 6-7 players - Andrew Thomas was quite effective against Bud Dupree too - he held him off repeatedly. But I guess most lines in the league are going to have similar trouble against the Steelers DL - they were unbelievable. Im just disappointed we didnt adjust at half time and try and come up with some misdirection and screens to kinda make the Steelers take a step back and not blindly rush everyone every play and keep hitting Barkley behind the LOS. Barkley did have some very good pass blocks - but it still needs to improve.

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That's a good point about misdirection or motion presnap...did not see much of that.  Then again, not sure it would've made too much different when our oline was just overrun repeatedly.

What irks me is play design.  Every team runs pick plays or has some facet that gets a WR running free.  Green Bay has done it for years.  Steelers did it last night.  It's like you look up and there is no defender within 5 yards.  It can't be that hard to install in our offense, can it?

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58 minutes ago, Pdouble said:

Andrew Thomas impresses in his debut against one of the best defensive lines in the NFL and was the Giants highest graded OL last night. 

Graded right in the same cluster as fellow rookies Jedrick Wills and Tristan Wirfs in week 1.



What were the grades? The entire line was shit. So if the grades are like F, F, D, F, and he got a C-...that's not encouraging.

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40 minutes ago, mastershake said:

PFF Grades:

Fleming = 51.6

Zeitler = 49.6

Gates = 54.4

Hernandez = 46.3 (This guy is busting out quickly)

Thomas = 60.8

So yeah, he was the D grade guy vs all the other guys that got F's, lol

I think Pdoub was stating that Thomas graded the along the same as the other OTs taken in the draft.

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1 hour ago, mastershake said:

That's fair. 61 or so on PFF isn't too bad, and I think would be okay for a rookie...plus you have to consider he has absolute garbage on the OL next to him.

Honestly if this team is 2-6 by mid way then I would let Peart start at RT and Lemioux start at center.

Might as well see what the rookies have plus these are guys drafted by Garrett and Columbo not Shurmur and co.


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12 hours ago, boohyah said:

Fuck, he played one game. Are you guys fucking kidding?

I'm not shitting on the guy. After watching a little more tape it looked like a lot of his sacks were miscommunications along the line and not him being overpowered. His first half was actually pretty good. I'm just saying Wills looked phenomenal. 

The Diehl-McKenzie line that was pretty legendary also looked pretty bad until week six or so of their first year together. 

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I don't give a fuck if we drafted him and he's the worst of that 4. As long as he does the job for us and improves the line that's what we need.

It's been clear a long time now, that our problem is getting quality in the later rounds. We're always looking for an early draft pick to rock our world and come in and in this case toss fucking guys around and ordain him king. Give him a chance to fail.



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