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Saquon Barkley finally looking like SAQUON AGAIN!


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I think after week 1, Carolina's game plan defensively was to take Barkley away.  They did...and our passing game did just enough.

Credit Barkley for being enough to steal that focus.  Credit the defense and special teams for creating turnovers.  Credit Gano for his 4 FGs, two from 50+.

If this passing game can come on and our defense gets fully healthy, we could continue to surprise.

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All Carolina did all day was use their speed to only and only stop/contain Barkley. It worked in the first half. But by the 2nd half, Giants decided to play little more smashmouth - they should do that every week. Bring on Dallas next week and its Justin Fuckyields the week after. 4-0 in our sights babyyyyyy!!!

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7 minutes ago, Sephiroth said:


I dunno what this is for.  When he's touched the ball tonight he's looked like 2019 Saquon, like he could bust it every single time he gets the ball.  You must not be watching this game.  The Oline is being completely dominated and Saquon looks like is is fresh out of Penn State and any carry could end up a 60 yard TD.  

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