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Giants WRs vs Lions DBs


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I think this game is very winnable and important given the Redskins are still nipping at our heels for the Wild Card. If we lose this one, it's not the end of the world, but I'd prefer to make the road easier and not more difficult. But to answer the question, I think it'll be a heavy dose of Beckham as in weeks past. We'll move him around the formation and create opportunities for him to make plays. It'd be nice to get the ball to Cruz and/or Shepard a bit more because if/when the playoffs become a reality for us, they're going to need to be more involved given we can't run the ball worth a damn.

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so do something that we know doesn't work ..... Brilliant.


It wasn't til we started staying consistent with the run that the slant route opened up. It doesn't have to work but the threat has to be there....

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Did not see the entire game. How was flowers performance?


up and down. Ansah did get a sack.


I called him out at one point in the game thread, but as soon as I did that, the next few plays he flat out stoned his man. That's Flowers for you... the sacks or holds get noticed, but when he does right, he's a fucking monster. That's why I'm not too down on him. You can't teach manhandling.

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