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  1. Two weeks ago my brother and his son died five days apart. His son had cancer and it's been hell for some time. I might have been lashing out. Sorry to all involved for the bizarre posts.
  2. The only Brady involved pass I ever enjoyed....
  3. I wouldn't have been so generous if you would have been involved. You must have posted your interest on another forum, somewhere in lapland I suppose.
  4. Who you callin' a mother fucker mofuka? And where were your betting balls, up your ass?
  5. Sorry, no hack, just a little friendly super bowl bet if I can find anyone with guts around here.
  6. How about you, you want the bet? Pats lose and you're gone for good, Pats win and you won't see this eagles fan around here EVER. I'm not even asking points, just straight up win and you stay... lose and you're gone.
  7. Here you go again spoutin off like you live in Philly. You ready to put your ass on the line and lose all your buddies here?
  8. I'm not going thru the archives but you all were beaming like peacocks with the Jags resurgence. Any other year you wouldn't be able to rattle off his or the Jags accomplishments without some serious research. You all would have just loved to see the Jags dismantle Brady and Co. then the Eagles. This place would have been a beehive of activity. Too bad that ain't happening, maybe next year though.
  9. I thought we were going to see them in the Super Bowl stomping your hated rivals the Eagles. You know like you can claim another Lombardi or something cause it's Tom.
  10. Shurmur is in, should be more good times for Philly.
  11. Whaaaa happened to Toms unbeatable D ?? awful quiet in here again...
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