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  1. Careful, Blind. You'll be threatened with banishment.
  2. So now I see... it's ok around here to goof on The Eagles' struggles, but goof on The Giants and the crybaby pussies here call for you to be banished. Not saying that about you, Rik. You actually don't take this crap seriously. The rest of your brethren here are suspect.
  3. Nas... I'm joking... my goodness. It's fine... this is my last post.
  4. Are you being serious? I won't talk about The Giants anymore... geez.
  5. You keep saying that. I can't trash talk like that because Herc turned pussy when I posted "Vagiants" on here. I don't even post that because Herc gave me a whole lecture about it. His labia gets sensitive about The Giants. I'm not even trying to trash talk anyway... just stating facts.
  6. Geez... WTF is it with you? It's obvious I'm just messing with ya'll. Why would you have me go away just for goofing around with these guys? You still have me blocked... I don't see why you give that much of a shit. You're such a fucking pussy.
  7. Why would I be a gentleman after the bitchslapfest The Eagles gave The Giants? That's just ridiculous.
  8. Barkley is a beast... too bad he plays for The Giants.
  9. The salt is bitter. You guys need to learn how to take an ass kicking on the chin.
  10. Why do I have to be a dickhead? Nah... you mad because you thought getting Barkley, and O'Dell coming back, would win you the division. You didn't think I would keep quiet about this game, did you? By the time The Giants groom another QB, Saquon will be wanting that cheddar. Good luck with that.
  11. Don't be mad at me because your team stomped on.
  12. I'm not anointing anything. The Eagles have a lot to work on. It's just an Eagles/Giants thing. The Giants didn't get beat last night... they got squashed. I just hope The Giants don't run Saquon into the ground. They have a gem there.
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