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So I was reading some ESPN comments on a Giants article, and...


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Dont you remember...it was Jim's world and we are all just in it.


The best was his "I'm a made guy post"....I still barf a bit in my own mouth thinking about it.


Nice guy...but not the most self aware guy....


C. Wagon


I don't really remember him that well, just the name...

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Jim Nasium... old, bygone member of this board... I believe he wrote a long goodbye letter about leaving the board and never coming back or something.


...wrote a "I'm leaving" post basically telling everyone he was too good for us, then kept logging in to check the responses for days afterwards. Real toolbag.

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Jim Nasium!!! Ahhhh OK OK


I got kicked out of GMB because I fucking took that imbecile SIG to task. And that other Nazi mod - forget his name. I fucking couldnt stand Money either. Too full of themselves.


Now Jack, wizdum....those guys were fun.


Where are BadEgg and IHD now?

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It was on the old Giant board before they wrecked it...


There were a group of old timers on it that really...and I mean REALLY got into what your Post count was....to the point they would fuck off guys who were "newbies"... Real Jr. High shit.


In fact...I believe when we moved to this board....people got to bring their NYG post count with them....or at least I thought that happened...I'm getting old.


Jim N. was one of those type of guys and got into it with someone.....I thought it was Tree but it might have been Mickeif and basically said nobody could fuck with him because he "was a Made Guy on this board"....which is about the time he got gang raped by the newbies.


He then came here...and got the new guy in Attica treatment some more and decided to leave.


C. Wagon


What's the I'm a made guy thing referring to?

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