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  1. I'll give you this, Nas: Webb is probably just as good as Kapernick. I have no problem with Kap's politics. I have a problem with the fact that he isn't very good. That's the inconvenient truth here - Kap is a back up QB, at best. If he was an All American, flag waving guy, he'd be on a team. If he was really good but kneeled for the anthem, he'd be on a team. Not very good and kneeling? No chance.
  2. Last night was a new low point for the OL as a whole and Solder in particular. He was as bad as Flowers ever was. Atlanta came into the game 24th in sacks and 30th in overall team Defense....and they dominated our OL all night long. They had 10 sacks in 6 games before getting 4 last night and Barkley got hit at or very near the LOS on damn near every carry.
  3. And yes, your Eagles are a helluva team and they will be in the January mix again......and if I pick them in my pools in any given round, hell, I'll even root for them, as I did in the SB against the Pats. OK?
  4. Yeah, because we all know how gracious you Eagle fans are in defeat.......or victory, for that matter.
  5. Remember too, Solder had a bad early season last year, before playing very well in the second half.
  6. Listen, I like the kid and think he could be a major weapon but it will take the proper schemes. The stats make him the 4th or 5th best fantasy football tight end but in reality, he's more of a niche TE, with limited value in the running game. Gotta find ways to integrate him into the offense without tipping plays when he's on the field. Here's another thing and maybe it's premature to speculate. What I've described above is not a staple of an offense, more like a fancy gadget. When Engram's rookie contract expires and he's up for a new deal, Collins will have to be taken care of, Barkley's contract will be on the horizon and there will be other areas of need. As a 1st round draft pick, who WILL put up some good offensive numbers, he'll command a big contract. I gotta wonder if the the Giants will open the vault or they'll decide to spend elsewhere.
  7. Although we saw some improvement this week, OL upgrades are still needed. Defensively, an edge rusher and a few DBs. And yes, we're going to need Eli's successor for the 2020 season, I reckon. These can come via draft and/or FA and in whatever order the opportunities present themselves. Our cap situation ain't good but we'll get some relief when Eli retires.
  8. I thought Kotar came after the Baby Bulls - Tucker Fredrickson, Ernie Koy and Steve Thurlow - but I could be wrong. It all kind of blends together!
  9. I've gotten used to Direct TV Sunday Ticket and typical of us old folks, I don't know from the streams or Reddit or any of that stuff....but with Red Zone, the bastards went up to $395 this year! That comes to $23.23 a week! Jesus! They break it up into payment over 6 months but when I called and bitched and threatened to cancel, they took $30 a month off my bill for a year, so I'm really getting the NFL package for $35 for the season this year! That was a lot easier to break to my wife!
  10. I think the Giants believe Tanney is better suited for the backup QB role than Webb. With more experience, he'll be better helping Eli prepare in the QB room and judging by what we saw in the preseason, there's not much difference between Tanney and Webb in their play on the field, at least not at this point. I also think Tanney is a better personality fit. Davis seems a little edgy and there might have been a concern that he was not going to be happy sitting another year. As for Lauletta, I get what they see in him. He's cool under pressure, uses his mobility smartly (not prematurely, like many young QBs) and throws accurately on the run. Webb, for all his film study, or maybe because of it, is more robotic and doesn't have the fluidity or adaptivity that I see in Lauletta. That's much more important than having a big arm.
  11. PFF's grades on Giant OL Friday night: Nate Solder 73.5 Will Hernandez 77.5 John Halapio 58.9 Patrick Omameh 51.9 Erick Flowers 64.8 So outside of the one jail break, on the play originally called a fumble, then overturned to an incomplete pass, I guess Flowers didn't play that badly. Not great but not a disaster, either.
  12. You're right.....but it's troubling when the early performance is consistent with the resume.
  13. We must be watching different games! I see the second coming of John Jerry. I see the guy who the Jags made it a priority to replace.
  14. It was. Flowers is no better on the right side and there's a reason Omameh is on his 4th team in 5 years. That side is going to be a problem.
  15. Absolutely. They wanted to see him in camp, not only fully healthy but also fully committed to football and the New York Giants. From reports, he's checked all the boxes.
  16. Contract talks started today, as per ESPN. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24262168/new-york-giants-open-talks-new-contract-wide-receiver-odell-beckham-jr
  17. DRC won't sign with anybody until he's missed at least a few weeks of training camp. However much time he figures he needs to be ready for Week 1, that's when he'll sign....and not a day before.
  18. I really didn't expect him to play much this year, anyway. In addition to the usual rookie learning curve, at 6' 1", 177, he needs to add some bulk and strength. As Dragon says, he'll sit and learn and have a good head start going into next year's camp. Meanwhile,we still need to find a slot cover guy and add some quality depth to the DB unit.
  19. As a coach, the last thing I'd want is the team split up just before the game, with some in and some out, and the distraction that goes with all that. I'd opt to keep the whole team in, which is what they used to do not too far back.
  20. How about they just go back to staying in the locker room until after the Anthem, as they did for many years?
  21. I get the intrigue but the lack of arm strength is a deal killer in my book. Here's one scouting report I saw..... Strengths Heralded by scouts as team leader and elected team captain twice Production saw major spike over the last two seasons Uses eyes to move linebackers out of his passing lanes on slants and curls Won't automatically dump throws down to backs Willing to let route combinations progress while climbing and sliding away from heat Has experience from shotgun, pistol and under center Footwork is smooth in play-action and setup Comfortable throwing on the move Gets it out early on timing throws Spins a tight spiral Able to throw accurately to intermediate targets on the move Weaknesses Arm strength is a substantial concern Uses excessive trajectory to get additional distance on deep throws Pop fly throws allow safeties time to park under the long ball and make plays Can't make all the NFL throws Ball doesn't come off hand with much velocity Will ignore safety movement and throw into double teams at times Perception of pressure can affect him Will drop eyes and start looking for an exit strategy Feet start dancing nervously when his internal clock goes off May not have the mobility to be effective scrambler on next level
  22. I thought you were talking about OL John Hicks, #3 overall pick in 1974, played 4 years with Giants, traded to Steelers in April, who cut him in camp that summer. Ah, that 70s show! Almost a whole decade like last year!
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