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Bring Back Chase !


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C mon Jerry

This guy deserves a contract next year for his heart , attitude and character alone !

We all know that his sideline to sideline speed is not great ....but he is a great backup who knows our system and he plays with an intensity that inspires others.

A very good ST player , great role model , hard worker , and a guy who will never let you down

Give him a contract JR !

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If Chase walks for another deal it will be a big mistake on Reese's part, for all the reasons UK mentioned. The Rivers signing helped the LB unit, but Chase would add depth.


Considering the injury situation last year, having someone like Chase on the roster is close to a necessity.

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I think it just comes down to money.


The Giants are playing with very little cap room.


Now obviously Chase isnt asking for a 50 million 4 year contract but I'm sure his agent is sitting there playing the "Hey before you signed Chase your LBs looked like crap, with Chase you won a SB, pay him some money"


I can see JR not signing Chase until after the Giants start signing draft picks.

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You guys are really underestimating the kids. Williams already looks like a potential starter. That's without any offseason time last year.


I expect some lights to come on this year, and there'll be a whole lot more athleticism coming with it. I just don't see a place for Blackburn when it happens.

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Chase Blackburn began last season far from the Giants, sitting in his home in Ohio and preparing for life after football.


He won't begin the 2012 season the same way, though. Blackburn re-signed with the Giants on Friday, a source confirmed, inking a one-year $825,000 deal with the only NFL team he has ever played for.


It's unknown what Blackburn's role with the Giants will be in 2012. When he signed with the Giants late last season, he plugged the team's gaping hole at middle linebacker, making 26 tackles in the final five regular-season games and making a key interception in Super Bowl XLVI.


But he may not fill the same role this season. The Giants just traded for Cincinnati Bengals OLB Keith Rivers, a move that could pave the way for veteran weakside backer Michael Boley to shift to the middle. Big Blue also has a pair of second-year middle linebackers in Mark Herzlich and Greg Jones.


Then again, it's entirely possible that Blackburn earns a starting job before the season starts. After all, GM Jerry Reese made it clear that Rivers' will have to compete for playing time when the Giants announced his signing on Thursday.


“We’re excited to have another talented player in the mix for our defensive staff to work with,” Reese said then. “We try to create competition at every position, and Keith will definitely bring some competition to our linebacker group.”


Even if Blackburn doesn't wind up starting, he's a valuable insurance policy, given Rivers' injury history (he has yet to play a full 16-game season) and inconsistencies of the Giants' youngsters. Additionally, Blackburn has long played a key role



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I'm just going to say this.


North Korea will not be shooting anymore missiles, because Chase Blackburn just called them to tell them not to.


Messing with Chase...........not wise.





I totally agree with the signing, he earned it with those last few games.

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