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  1. Hah I know that game with my nephew. And each time it's "one more" and then "again again!"
  2. Haha that's great man. My brother and I used to do that, split up, run and go nuts haha
  3. Adorable, Nas. Yeah I got an ODB I think nike tee shirt from models and it's holding up just fine. That's the one I'm hoping to see for Collins.
  4. Nice. That makes more sense but Snacks would be pretty funny. I think in done getting jerseys but on the look out for a Landon Collins jersey tee shirt
  5. For sure. He plays the same way. And frankly I've defended Dez to some of my friends before for just being a guy that wants to win badly, which I think you've got to respect. At the same time, they can't let their emotions go unchecked to the detriment of the team by getting personal fouls. And I think Odel and Dez have both gotten better in that regard.
  6. Glad to see DRC and Snacks get the recognition. Big time pro bowl snubs. 6 all pros, 5 on defense is awesome.
  7. Agreed. There were a few times Elliot got around the outside and I thought JPP would've caught him or forced him down/slowed him down. That said Okwara looked pretty good for his first real continuous action of the season.
  8. I can't believe the Pentagon fucking paid it either! Who's the ass hat that said ok?
  9. Yeah Bill Burr brings this up on his podcast every now and then, also apparently they give a very small fraction of the profits from all the pink stuff to cancer related charities. It's all about making the NFL more money and attracting more fans, and this more money.
  10. Hampton was about to announce the Giants' second round pick and they cut to commercial. Can't fucking stand it... Solid pick though, but would've liked Ragland too.
  11. Cool article, thanks for posting. The Giants let up a lot of first downs this year by not wrapping up. I hope they take note of this.
  12. This clears his future for a presidential run. Coughlin 2016 He'd have my vote
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