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  1. *SDMF*

    Josh Brown

    and thats the difference between winning and losing. thanks captain obvious.
  2. What really fuckin sucks is the giants, a team that rarely if ever makes a free agency splash, spent a ton of dough in free agency and it looks like they got worse on every position on the field.
  3. Heat related injuries are not "injuries" at all. These two were not hydrated and this thread presents it as otherwise. They will get hydrated and be back on the field the next day.
  4. With all the changes thats gonna go on with the offense i glad to see this.
  5. Not everyone watches and pays full attention to the draft. I am one of those people. I would never known his name if he didnt make it a public statement he was gay. Is that fair? thats fine but i think this guy is a narsacist. so hee was projected 5 or 6th and went 7th. To me thats not a big deal.Or his stock dropping for that matter. Look at the qb the browns got wasnt he supposed to go in the first picks?
  6. honestly i personally can care less. wouldnt it be nice if no one cared about what other people did in their own bedroom? its just the way the media twists it. i feelthat its a non story and should be treated as such.
  7. thats sucks. im gonna stay away, way away from that. thats scary shit man. to take something like pot and turn it into a deadly drug suck a fat one. pun intended.
  8. yeah but thats a price anyone in the nfl will have to pay. paparazzi will follow a story on anyone who is doing something tabloid worthy, gay or not.
  9. this is the problem: he was a 7th round pick and the only reason why his name is known is because he said he was gay. if he didnt come out and say that not one of us would know his name. fucking bullshit. if your gay great for you. there are most likely plenty of gay football players but you dont see them making a scene. just stfu and play football.
  10. Just an fyi states where pot is legal your pulled over and a cop thinks your high and deems it so, you get a dui. Im pretty sure there is no fighting it. for the life of me i cant understand anyone being against legalizing pot. talk about a victimless crime....
  11. I think just shows they werent worried about losing him. Sure it would have been nice to have him for his entire career like Strahan. But the writings on the wall. Im sure if another tem offered him a 7-8 mill deal and tuck was opened to a lesser one from the Giants it wouldve happened. But then the Raiders come in and ovr pay him and the Giants move on. Thats that. If Tuck was so in love with New Jersey he wouldve just stayed for the deal we offered. But apparantly he is a greedy bastard. Now he has to move from where he's been living for the past 10 years and move his family as well. I sound like sour grapes but he makes enough money that another 4-5 million dollars would not by any means make him or break him. Remember this, he chose to leave, he couldve stayed.
  12. A "young 28" doesnt hold water for me. The fact is he is not gonna be on the team in 3 years. And if he is how much longer after that? Theres no reason we couldnt have matched the offer LJ got. It just makes more sense to me to go after a RB in the draft. Brown will be back and Hillis isnt a world beater but can do a decent job when called on.
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