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  1. Half the oline never made the trip. The starting TE (such as he is) never made the trip. A third linemen left the game. What did you guys think was going to happen? Every time some cohesiveness starts to form, someone is out for a few games. And you can't expect the same results by replacing Richburg with Dallas Reynolds. Add to this that we always seem flat after the bye, if you couldn't see this as a loss, I don't know what to tell you.
  2. You don't get to say decades unless you're in it for the long haul. So I'm stuck dealing with this Eagles bullshit twice a year.
  3. You guys act like this is something new. I've dealt with shit like this for decades: Decades. Didn't matter who was coaching. Didn't matter what players were on the field. If there was a way for that team to fuck us up, rest assured, it would happen. During that 2010 fiasco, a friend walked into the room while we were up by a ton. "Wow," he said, "Your team is routing the Eagles." I said, very calmly, that they were going to blow it. I knew the drill. We had a winning streak going into last night. It was almost a given. I hate that fucking team.
  4. You know what? Considering the fiasco of this off season, the potential shown by the youngins, and the limbo half of our "stars" are in, I'll take a 9-7 season and smile going into the following season with a ton of cap space. I expected a loss from the eagles. That's what those fuckers do to us, no matter what the era.
  5. OK...let's see: 3 steps with barely any control and a defender draped on you--that ball is already starting to come out on the first step: TD; 2 steps and a dive with clear control as it crosses into the end zone--incomplete (Falcons) I could see this as a TD, if the other play was. I could see this as an INT, since the other play was ruled incomplete. What I can't see is two different outcomes. Tate had a defender draped on him attempting a tackle as well, so where is the difference in ruling coming from? Yeah, feel free to call me stupid if that's how you get your rocks off--but there is no logic to these rules or their application.
  6. You know, maybe I'm a little paranoid, but if I had fresh skin grafts, the last place I'd be is anywhere near a spot where there is a chance there might be MRSA; unless I had to for treatment. On the other hand...
  7. To be fair, we've played against some good run defenses. But I agree with you on Williams. I don't see much going on there. I'd like to see what Darkwa can do, if anything.
  8. Game 1--sharpen tines on pitchfork; Game 2--start putting pitch on the torches Game 3--held match 6 inches away from previously mentioned torches Game 4--blew out match, put away pitchfork Game 5--statues erected.
  9. Fuck the Falcons, but I can't figure out how that wouldn't be a catch: 1) he took a couple of steps; 2) he pulled it into his body; 3) he then took it away from his body so it crossed the goal before his knees hit; 4) he rolled pulling the ball back into his body, and landed on his back with the ball in his hands and on his chest. Unless his hands have some sort of gravitational pull, I don't see how he could have done all that without having control of the ball. I'm not sure how much more he would need to do to demonstrate "football moves." Make a sammich while holding the ball, maybe? Have to wonder how defining a catch has managed to be so fucking complex. Meanwhile, other teams get the benefit of the doubt when they touch the ball with their fingertips (I'm looking at you, Green Bay--don't think I forgot about 2011).
  10. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000553694/article/mrsa-infection-leaves-giants-daniel-fells-in-dire-situation?campaign=Twitter_atn This is unbelievable. Hope he recovers. This season might have a body count. Or multiple amputations. I don't think any team outside of Marshall had this level of insanity go on.
  11. Regarding JPP--doesn't seem shady to me at all. They offered that contract to a guy with intact hands: what comes back is someone who may or may not be able to play at all? The Giants are taking a chance that he might be able to give some help to the team, albeit easily less than 800,000/game that he will be paid. I feel bad for the guy, but let's not make him a martyr, either. He fucked up--it's not like he was injured in training or in playing the games. Feel bad for the guys getting injury settlements off of IR.
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