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  1. Probably repetitive, but here's a listing.
  2. Every once in a while, i have more um, conventional guests visit the villa. On those occasions, I lock away the significant "other," hire servants with less "submissive" tendencies, and have the guest visit. On one of these occasions, I had Sophia Loren over for a visit. A very nice lady, and a wonderful conversationalist. She brought over a photo album, and I thought I'd share some of the more fun shots/notes with you.
  3. It's not exactly today's news that a dog fighting set up was found on one of Michael Vick's properties. A link for my beloved readers, from your adoring narrator. Dog fighting. Raising pit bulls for the express purpose of putting them into an enclosed area to tear each other apart. The man is a millionaire, and his tastes are at that level? To think that someone with that much money, that much celebrity would stoop to the level of dog fighting. All that time and effort to raise, of all things, pit bulls? Is there a glut of cock-fighting, Michael? Both myself and the significant "oth
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