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  1. Last report I saw, 3 people were killed right? I have now seen 8 stories of 8 different people that died in this attack. Did the death toll go up?
  2. he Lions have hosted a T-Day game 75 of the past 81 years and their all-time record is 35-38-2.
  3. Cowboys will lose this Thursday and again in 2 weeks to Green Bay
  4. I can see now why people loathe cowgirl fans
  5. I didn't even know the Ravens were playing this year
  6. Once Dallas loses this week to Carolina, next week at Washington and at Green Bay the following week, their season will be long over
  7. Forget about Portuguese... score TDs in America of that's not what you meant
  8. The Eagles are falling apart down here ... the team is revolting, the City wants Chip fired I will be surprised if they win another game this season Dallas needs to lose this Thursday to put some distance away from us. I think Washington is a fraud and will fall apart
  9. They are ready to lynch Chip Kelly in Philadelphia ... what a meltdown that team is having
  10. Yep. I was thinking the same thing. SOmeone needs to tell this guy that he is not a video game that he has to do more than one handed circus catches, although they are fun to watch.
  11. Offense wins games, defense wins championships Did you not watch Superbowl 42
  12. I will be surprised if Cruz is a Giant next year. The offense is productive without him. What we need is a solid running game .. not this "let everybody run the ball" style
  13. While we could definitely do better than Randel ... he hasn't been all that bad. Would you rather have Preston Parker out there?
  14. Interesting ... can he hold onto the ball though? I won't expect much. If he still had any skills left he would not be available. Don't think Aaron Rodgers could use a receiver with skills right now?
  15. I can't completely fault McAdoo on this one. Collins dropped the pick, OBJ dropped the TD pass and they had the Pats at 4th and 10 at the end of the game. They had their chances to close this out.
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