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  1. I am now glad i decided not to buy tickets to the game in tampa
  2. Eli looked disgusted at the end of the half. Macadoo didn't even give him a chance by using timeout before the field goal.
  3. great. just an fyi. i am pretty much unavailable for the rest of the week. pending hurricane and all. and migrating my whole production systems to the cloud for disaster recovery
  4. Looking at the gameday thread, a few of those comments are in there also.
  5. Yeah, Two great receivers that Eli misses and doesn't have time to throw to.
  6. Saying this offense has been putrid would be understating how bad it has been.
  7. Well I hope They get better soon, Or else this season is going to go south real quick
  8. Get off my lawn. seriously. i live about 30 min From Disney
  9. Try not to hurt yourself. http://www.redskins.com/team/roster/Duke-Ihenacho/f50f6d62-08d4-41ab-b9ac-3a26b787dfbf
  10. Please Nem, You Give Donnell to much credit. He is no where near as awesome as the nearly hall of fame possession receiver that was Ike Hilliard.
  11. Field of Play as defined by the NFL Rule Book http://operations.nfl.com/the-rules/2015-nfl-rulebook/#plan-of-playing-field Odell was not in the field of play when he removed his helmet. It was a bullshit call. And since this was not done in the bang bang moment of play I don't know how they get that wrong.
  12. I would rather Trade him for a OL that can get some push on running plays
  13. While i dont dispute that Jim. I think it may be a product of Eli feeling like he has no time and rushing his throws. Our oline has not done right by Eli
  14. I am wondering if Eli is somehow hurt. He did not look right last night at all.
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