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Packers To Cut AJ Hawk

The P

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AJ Hawk is a killer.......we need tough guys like that patrolling the middle


He'll knock the snot out of your nose


trouble is he's white and Reese does not seem to like white players on D............there's Tollifson and ???????

Blackburn, don;t think there is a third guy on the entire defense.


White men cant jump or so they say :confused:

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Where would he play in our 4-3? SAM or MIKE?


He would play Will or Mike, He played Will in GB before they switched to 3-4. I think he would be a little slow for our cover 2, he is a good run stopper. He is great in space, but he is not so great sideline to sideline. He had 111 tackles, but he also had a monster NT in front of him. Desmond Bishop was a better MLB next to him and they have Nick Barnett coming back from injury, GB will make him expendable

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It's all moot anyway because the Giants aren't going to sign anybody. Can players be signed during the lockout, which starts tomorrow?


If they're not going to allow any contact between players and coaches (even as rudimentary as going over the playbook), my guess would be no.

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I hope we do to but i think he going to end up resigning with GreenBay


But if Hawk was cut by Green Bay, he might have a bad taste in his mouth with them. You've got to think he and his agent won't make it easy.


Reese should make a hard run at him....at the very least, drive up Green Bay's resigning price, and leave them with less dough to go after other free agents.


I learned that by watching Storage Wars

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