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  1. QBs do not win football games people...........linemen do If you cannot control the LOS you LOSE ........almost everytime
  2. That 3rd stringer outplayed our 1st stringer
  3. Thanks.....we are tough to deal with right now and getting better That QB of yours is a keeper The problem for you is no one can run on us anymore If you can't run, you can't win
  4. nonsense, do you avoid black cats and ladders too?
  5. Listen O Canada We now have a world class team without the littlest giant and Andre Brown in his place We are going for the trophy sweetheart We just need Philly to lose twice out of six.......they are quite capable of that I believe we now have the best team in the NFC. Possibly the NFL. SO NO I DON'T WANT DRAFT CHOICES. GET IT
  6. Your hatred will grow in about 4 hours......lighten up Your teams going nowhere fast
  7. Yeah I hear those Aussies go both ways lol
  8. I'm serious Maybe his dad will finally drop the grudge for us cutting him out of 5 million
  9. Shockley was a loose cannon Good riddance I blame the Sfo loss on that idiot throwing ice chips at the fans
  10. I'm ready to serve you a pile of CROWE
  11. They would be better off with Tebow.....and I'm Serious Can you imagine if we faced Tebow today? Would be fun to watch
  12. LOL. Thanks...does anyone go there I wanted to. Sign Reed. Rex almost had a hernia rushing to the GMs office trying to claim him
  13. Coughlin would never do that This. IS why even as a giants fan you gotta love Rex
  14. Are you smokin with that. Canadian mayor Greed This is our. 1st potential blowout GB has about 1 chance in 50 of winning this game We are on a power surge the likes of which we have not seen since 2011 and they are crippled If Eli straightens out we will kill them....if he doesn't we will just run it down their throats Do you hear footsteps yet Greed......by the end of the day we will be one game behind you.......then we will teach Jerry Jones a big humility lesson Our indispensable part ANDRE BROWN.....2nd nephew twice removed of Jim Brown is BAAACCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! WE GOIN ALL THE WAYYYYYYYYYYY GREED AND YOU WILL STAN HOPELESS AS WE PASS YOU ON THE WAY. SORRY We're GOIN to chip Kelly and toss him aside. LOL
  15. I like Beason Who hasn't misread a few running plays?
  16. Tell me how your going to beat us U dont have a great giants track record even with Rodgers
  17. It's still a good line and getting better. The RB position is very important to Oline morale Who wants to block for a nobody
  18. Lets agree to disagree about the little back flipper He is a disaster on steroids to my mind
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