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For tomorrow and for the rest of the season


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Shouldn't this year's battle cry be:





We did? :confused:


Of course I'm kidding. But my reaction when we won it all was not that of an excited fan jumping up and down. I was soooo emotionally drained that I couldn't even speak up when my friends were congratulating me.. I just nodded from time to time. Man... I was still in disbelief.

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Don't look at me all crazy because you can't understand a joke Blue. :furious:


"I ain't scared of you motherfucker!!". I know that you're not as big as you look in your avatar.


Oh yes I am!!! Thats really me, I tried out for the Giants. The only problem was, I was so big and so good, they didnt want me overshadowing the likes of Tuck, Manning, Plax etc. We pay those guys too much money to make them look foolish.




So, I have to sit in the BOOTHE and watch the game :P

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