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  1. Hey guys, been gone for a minute but I hope to be back on here for good now... Huge win Sunday night... I guess the egghead is nowhere to be found huh?
  2. Just wondering if any of you might have an extra parking pass for the game vs. Washington this Sunday. I'm really not trying to shell out the 75-100 for it that some sites are asking for. - Thanks
  3. Well the cat with 9 lives is on his way to making the team again... then he'll disappear come regular season once again... preseason/training camp all star, regular season BUST
  4. Disagree with the first part - I don't think Rivers has the head at all for New York - we have seen that guy lose his cool plenty of times before. He's a bit of a loose cannon. Ben can handle the heat probably the same way Eli did - but not better. Eli is fine in NY - that is kind of one thing u can't knock him for. Dude has composure. Agree somewhat with your last statement - Although I think he will be remembered as superior to Phil. He is already putting up better numbers - all he needs is one more ring and in my opinion that comparison can't be made anymore - eli will own NY.
  5. yep he is a great golfer... as for the hype about him being a top 3 qb like alot of these analysts make him out to be - I disagree with that... Look how he played in 2008 during the regular season... At times he was downright awful. He is wildly inconsistent but has some great comebacks and does get the W's (even though I think his defense bails him out alot). I just don't get how some people are so quick to crown him and bash Eli.... Ben has been blessed with not good but GREAT defenses. I give him all the credit in the world for his playing his best when it counts in the 4th quarter... but he was a BAD quarterback for the majority of 2008... I just don't get the different ends of the spectrum both quarterbacks are placed on by the so called experts
  6. atleast your memory is not failing you yet... kudos on the side step there
  7. Can i quote you on that the next time you bash Eli? Cause it should be clear to everyone right now that he's legit.... 4 straight playoff appearances in 4 full seasons as a starter, what is it 17 game winning/game tying drives and a superbowl MVP on the resume
  8. ha jesus christ.... moss wins the lottery again...
  9. His foolishness is well documented and has been since the days on the giants.com message board years ago. He was calling Jesse Palmer a future pro bowler and calling for him to start and he also wanted Tiki benched if I remember correctly.. Oh and don't let me forget... He wanted Michael Strahan benched all the time... just a first ballot hall of famer
  10. with our only weakness appearing to be wide receiver I'd say yes. I think it would put us as the heavy favorites in the NFC to reach the superbowl.
  11. Was refering to Shockey but yeah you are right as well. I am one of the few people who give Tiki a pass only because I don't quickly forget what a beast he was. Some of the things he did on the field were unbelievable and he was probably the 2nd best rb in the league when he retired (He still had 3-4 years left in him IMO) - But once he ripped on Eli I was never able to look at him quite the same.
  12. You have a pretty valid point although 2 of those players were in by default for one former player at his position bitching his way out of town and a rb going down to injury... And the others played limited roles throughout the season... hard to say with Smith because he was hurt all yr before that so who knows what would have happened with him.
  13. Ha YES!!!! I've accomplished what I set out to do - get everyone back on the Moss hate bandwagon. Jesus the kid pisses me off so bad.
  14. I love Tom as a coach and what he has done for us over the last 4 years speaks for itself, but one problem I have with him is his hesitancy to really use rookies in a great capacity. We NEED Hakeem Nicks starting from day 1 in my opinion. Nicks, Smith and Hixon as the starters and let Manningham and Barden battle it out for the 4th spot. The one major gripe I always had with Tom was the way he used Shockey. If you remember Shockey's rookie season, he was practically a wide receiver in a tight ends body - Seam routes down the field, deep ins, he was a bigtime playmaker - he had like 900 yard his rookie year under Fassel. Then Coughlin came in and Shockey was mostly a blocker with the occasional 9 yard curl mixed in. I never really understood that. Nicks has the ability to go over the middle and turn it into big gains ala Anquan Boldin - something this team has not had in awhile... And I think we need to see it from day 1.
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