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  1. Plenty of the people in the military know they're not fighting for anyone's freedom.
  2. This season already sucks.
  3. Well they're going to get embarrassed again.
  4. I agree. But most NFL stadiums don't hold a lot of sentimental value to fans.
  5. Nothing like it at all. The Patriots were 15-0 and the greatest offense in the history of the NFL. The Eagles lost to the Raiders this year and were 8-4 heading into this game. Beating the Eagles in a potential playoff game gets us what? ...an opportunity to get brutally raped again on a bigger stage by New Orleans? This team lacks the talent and the coaching (on defense) to make any real push for the playoffs. They are definitely not going deep into the playoffs if they stumble into it somehow. If they had any heart or balls they will CRUSH the Redskins. But if they win it will be a game that they could have lost (if it weren't for a coin) like against the Falcons.
  6. It would be nice if someone on the defensive line could get off a block.
  7. No need to sign Damon now, I'd rather have Matsui back. We're going to need someone to platoon with him against lefties.
  8. I would love to see Boley-Goff-Sintim We'll probably see Boley-Blackburn-Clark
  9. I'm suprised, I remember reading somewhere it was smaller. Still, there is a problem of artificial scarcity in all pro sports.
  10. Who cares? Like Yankee stadium the CAPACITY is smaller and there is two teams in the stadium and it's still in New Jersey. I am really sick of sports franchises creating artificial scarcity.
  11. I mean even if they squeak into the playoffs what can you expect of this team? Sheridan deserves to be canned after this season. The defense looks incredibly soft they can't make a play to save their lives. The Giants are not playing below their talent level, they actually lack the talent in the secondary, linebacking corps and interior defensive line to win games. The WRs are playing just like they are, inexperienced and the offensive line has had time catch up to them. The window of winning another superbowl in the near future has closed a bit because of the offensive line play and the fact we have NOBODY to step in and play more than just "solid" as the MLB. This team just fucking sucks. I can't believe how they forgotten how to play football.
  12. It still amazes me to this day that we actually won a Super Bowl with Gilbride.
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